Straight, Mini, or In/Out Catheter: These urine specimens are useful when clean-catch urines cannot be obtained or when results from clean-catch urine specimens are equivocal and a diagnosis is critical. A mini catheter is a tiny straight catheter connected to a urine specimen tube utilized in ED to quick catheter for urinalysis test.
a)    Prior to catheterization, the patient should force fluids until the bladder is full. (Note that forcing fluids may reduce organism number.)
b)    Clean the patient's urethral opening using a hospital approved antiseptic, such as betadine.
c)    Using sterile technique, pass a catheter into the bladder.        
d)    Collect the initial 15 to 30 ml of urine, and discard it from the mouth of the catheter. 
e)    Collect a sample from the mid- or later flow of urine in a sterile container.