Call Center

Client Response Center

Parkview Health Laboratories, offers a personal touch with our Client Response Center (CRC). CRC is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week  and is staffed with highly trained, professional personnel. We are pleased to inform you of our services and are available to work closely with you in meeting your specific needs. 

The Client Response Center may be contacted at (260) 266-1500 (Option 1) or 800-289-1444 (Option 1) concerning the following: 

Examples of areas of expertise

1. Status of Tests
2. Results of a Test
3. Specimen and Handling Requirements
4. Tests not listed in Test Directory or Online
5. Additional Testing For Previously Collected Specimen 
6. Questions or Issues regarding testing
7. Arranging for Courier pick-up
8. Questions or Issues regarding any PHL service

We can also help you with your courier needs:

Courier Services

Courier Service for specimen pick-up at physician offices, clinics, hospitals, and industries is available throughout our service area. Our couriers are devoted in helping us serve our clients efficiently. This service is free to our clients for routine pick-ups. Our couriers pick up specimens, provide supplies and deliver reports on a schedule geared to meet your needs. Please contact the Client Response Center for more information on our courier service or visit with our Customer Service Representative.