Rotavirus Collection for Stool

  1. Stool specimen should be collected in a disposable clean container, with a lid without preservatives or detergents. Best option is a comode hat with a shipping lid.
  2. Specimen may be collected from a diaper by a swab or if stool specimen is not formed you may place plastic wrap in the diaper to help catch the specimen. The plastic wrap and stool may then be placed in the container together.
  3. Wash hands after collection
  4. Specimen should be labeled with patient’s full legal name, a unique identifier (the unique identifier may be the Date Of Birth, Social Security, Driver’s License Number and must be on tube and requisition to qualify as unique identifier), date and time of collection, and must include the site and/or source of collection and any antibiotic therapy history.
  5. The specimen should be brought to the laboratory as soon as possible for testing or refrigerated no longer than 72 hours.