A specimen is any object or tissue that is removed from a patient by a physician. 
If the specimen is for Genetic Study, DO NOT follow this procedure. 
        To ensure the correct handling and disposition of all surgical specimens.
        1.     Appropriate collection container.
        2.     Preservative: No specimen should ever be placed in saline.
        3.     Specimen container identification label.
        4.     Surgical Pathology Requisition.
NOTE:   If you are not sure what the specimen is, contact the surgeon.
                Use caution when handling the preservative.
Tissue specimens for routine histological examinations should be place in, or should be kept in a refrigerated state until being delivered to PHL. Each specimen must be identified by a label with the following information:
        Name of Patient.
        Patient date of birth.
The specimen must be accompanied by PHL's Cytology/Histology Requisition Form. Please contact PHL - Histology Department for Tissue Requisitions, instructions for special tissue examinations, questions regarding Electron Microscopy, Stone Analysis or any questions.