Carey Blair Vial Green Capped
Collection of Stool in Cary Blair Vial
  1. Stool should be collected in a comode hat or sterile container that fits on the stool and not directly from the toilet. Do Not contaminate specimen with urine.
  2. Collect fecal specimen in a clean, dry, wide-mouthed container. 
  3. Using the spoon built into the cap, small samples should be added to the liquid in the vial, paying particular attention to areas that appear bloody or watery. 
  4. Place stool in vial within two hours of passing.
  5. If the solution in the vial is beyond its expiration date, appears yellow or cloudy prior to use, it should be discarded and another vial obtained from the provider.
  6. Add sufficient sample to raise the liquid level to the red fill line on the label.
  7. Use the spoon to mix the sample.
  8. Recap the vial, making sure that the lid is securely fastened.
  9. Firmly shake vial until the contents appear homogenous (same consistency)
  10. Label vial appropriately with first name, last name, date and time of collection, and date of birth or medical record number (in the ID field).