Expectorated Sputum Collection Kit
Expectorated Sputum Collection
Collect the specimen first thing in the morning before breakfast; this is to acquire an overnight accumulation of secretions.
  1. Rinse mouth with water before collection, to reduce contamination. Do not use mouthwash or toothpaste before collection.
  2. Cough up deeply from the chest into the container provided. Do not just “spit” saliva from the mouth.
  3. Try to obtain at least 5.0 to 10.0 ml (1 to 2 teaspoons) of sputum if possible
  4. Screw the cap back on the container tightly, if necessary clean the exterior of it.
  5. Deliver to a Parkview Health Laboratories facility as soon as possible.
    1. This specimen is only stable for 2 hours if left at room temperature.
    2. If unable to deliver to the lab within 2 hrs. refrigerate, and return to the lab the same day as collected.