Carey Blair Swab
Enteric (Stool) Culture Collection by Cary Blair Swab 
  1. Stool should be collected in a comode hat or sterile container that fits on the stool and not directly from the toilet. Do Not contaminate specimen with urine.
  2. Unwrap the sterile swab/container and discard the clear cap. The cotton-tipped stick should be used to swab the stool specimen.
  3. Insert the swab into the carrier so the cotton-tipped end is inserted into the gel.
  4. Wash hands after collection
  5. Refrigerate the specimen once the swab has been inserted into the carrier.
  6. Specimen should be labeled with patient’s full legal name, a unique identifier (the unique identifier may be the Date Of Birth, Social Security, Driver’s License Number and must be on tube and requisition to qualify as unique identifier), date and time of collection, and must include the site and/or source of collection and any antibiotic therapy history.
  7. Return the specimen as soon as possible to the lab for testing.
  8. If the physician requests this test multiple times, then the collections should take place on different days at least 48 hours apart.
If you have any questions about the collection of stool specimens please call Parkview Health Laboratories at (260) 266-1500 Option 1.