• EPIC Code:
  • Natera- Anora Miscarriage test- Fresh
  • Soft Test Code:
  • PS
Alternate Names
  • Anora- Miscarrage genetic testing
  • Natera- Anora Miscarriage test- Fresh

Specimen Collection & Preparation

Patient Preparation

If collecting at home please keep Kit refrigerated until delivered back to your providers, Parkview Physician Office. 

Specimen Requirements

Whole Blood in a Lavender Top Tube - EDTA from Mother


A cheek swab of Mother


Fresh Tissue from fetus or placenta.

Alternate Specimen

Alternate Tissue Specimens: 

chorionic villi

gestational sac

fetal skin

umbilical cord tissue

cytogenetic tissue cell pellets. 


Tissue stable refrigerated for up to 30 days

Blood and cheek swab stable refrigerated for up to 14 days

Collection Instructions

Annora kit provides tube and swab

Tissue should be kept fresh, Do not place tissue or placenta in formalin. 

If under 20 weeks- send the specimen with a Lav EDTA blood tube to pathology. Pathology Assistants will collect the tissue and place into the kit.

If over 20 weeks and not requireing an autopsy, collect fetal thigh muscle tissue and send out kit with orders printed from EPIC. 

Minimum Volume

Neonatal Volumne

Clinical Interpretation

Reference Range:

Refer to Interpretive Results


 All fresh Products of Conception received in pathology will have this kit collected and held for 2 weeks in case testing is desired. Orders must be faxed to pathology within the 2 weeks requesting this testing. Pathology fax is 260-266-1679

Production Schedule

Sites Performed
  • Natera
  • Sendouts - Pathology
Turn Around Time

1 week

Coding & Compliance



CPT Coding

Patient Billed