Pediatric  Urine Collection via a Urinary Bag (U-Bag)

Separate the legs of the child.
Wash the perineum with soap and water and dry well.
Do not use powder, oil, or lotion on the skin
Remove the backing from the lower part of the adhesive patch
Remove folds in the child’s skin by gently stretching the child’s skin
Place the narrowest section of the adhesive against the perineum, ensuring that it sticks
Smooth the remaining adhesive against the skin, pressing firmly to avoid wrinkles
Remove the backing from the top part of the adhesive and smooth adhesive against the skin above the penis or the vagina
Frequently check the collection bag and remove once urine has collected in it.
Multiple attempts at collection may be required.
When the collection is complete, gently peel the adhesive back from the skin and drain urine into sterile container.