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,3-Dinor-11Beta-Prostaglandin F2 Alpha, Urine11 Beta-Prostaglandin F2 Alpha; 11BPG; 2,3 11 Beta-Prostaglandin F2 Alpha; 2,3-dinor 11B-Prostaglandin F2a, U; 23BPG; BPG2; Mastocytosis; Prostaglandin    MSOTView Details
11-DeoxycortisolCompound S    11DE0View Details
17-Hydroxycorticosteroids, 24-hour UrineHydroxycorticosteroids-17, 24-hour Urine  17HYDView Details
17-Hydroxyprogesterone17-OHProgesterone  17PROView Details
17-Ketosteroids, 24-hour Urine   17KSTView Details
25-Hydroxyvitamin D (D2, D3)25-Hydroxy D2; 25-Hydroxy D3; 25-Hydroxycholecalciferol; 25-Hydroxycholecalciferol (25OHD3); 25-Hydroxyergocalciferol; 25-Hydroxyergocalciferol (25OHD2); 25-Hydroxyvitamin D2; 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3; 25-OH D2; 25-OH D3; 25-OH-D2; 25-OH-D3; Cholecalciferol; Colecalciferol; D2; D2 Vitamin; D3; D3 Vitamin; Ergocalciferol; Quest Assure D; QuestAssure D 25-Hydroxyvitamin D (D2,D3), LC/MS/M; QuestAssureD™ 25-Hydroxyvitamin D (D2, D3), LC/MS/; Vit D LC/MS/MS; Vitamin D LC/MS/MS; Vitamin D, 25 OH Total, D2, D3; Vitamin D, 25-OH, LC/MS/MS; Vitamin D2, 25-hydroxy; Vitamin D3, 25-hydroxy

Vitamin D, 25-OH, Total; Vitamin D, 25-OH, D3; Vitamin D, 25-OH, D2

 MSOTView Details
5' Nucleotidase5 Nucleotidase; 5-NT; 5-Nucleotidase  5NUCView Details
ABO     ABOView Details
ABO Neonatal      NABOView Details
ABO, Rh Type, Automated Blood Type; Group ABO; Rh Type  GROUPView Details
AccuType (TM) CP, Clopidogrel CYP2C19 Genotype ACCUTYPE™, CLOPIDOGREL; Clopidogrel CYP2C19; Clopidogrel CYP2C19 Genotype; Cytochrome P450; Cytochrome P450 2C19; Plavix Resistance    PLVRView Details
AcetaminophenAPAP Level; Tylenol    ACETMView Details
Acetyl Salicylic Acid, IgE Allergen Allergen, Acetyl Salicylic Acid IgE; Allergen, Aspirin IgE; Aspirin IgE, Allergen YesMSOTView Details
Acetylcholine Receptor Binding AntibodyAChR    ACETYView Details
Acetylcholine Receptor Blocking AutoantibodyMyasthenia Gravis Evaluation    ACRBAView Details
Acetylcholine Receptor Modulating AntibodyAcetylcholine Receptor Modulating Ab    ACHRMView Details
Acetylcholinesterase QualitativeACHE    ACTAMView Details
Acid Fast Bacilli CultureAcid Fast Bacillus ; Acid Fast Culture; AFB; Culture, Acid Fast Bacilli; Mycobacteria Acid Fast Bacilli Culture; Acid Fast Bacilli Stain  CXAFBView Details
Acid Fast Bacilli Culture (Blood)Acid Fast Bacilli Blood Cx; AFB Blood Culture; AFB Culture; Culture, Mycobacterium; Culture, Mycobacterium Blood; Mycobacterium Blood Culture; Mycobacterium Culture  AFBCUView Details
Acid Fast Bacilli SmearAFB Smear; Smear for AFB    AFBSTView Details
Acid Phosphatase, TotalACP YesMSOTView Details
AcondroplasiaACH    ACDRView Details
Actin Antibody IgGACTA; Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibody; ASMA; F-Actin Antibody; SM Muscle Actin Ab; SMA; Smooth Muscle Antibody    SMA1View Details
Activated Partial Thromboplastin TimeAPTT; Partial Thromboplastin Time; PTT   YesPTTView Details
Activated Protein C ResistanceActivated Protein C ; Activated Protein C Resistance; APC Resistance, APCR; APC-R    APCRView Details
Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM)   XXXXXView Details
Acute Leukemia PanelFlow Cytometry Acute Phase CBC [Automated Differential; Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC)]; CD2; CD3; CD4; CD5; CD7; CD8; CD10; CD11b; CD13; CD14; CD19; CD20; CD23; CD33; CD34;CD38; CD45; CD56; CD117; HLA-DR; Surface Kappa; Surface Lambda
 FACUTView Details
Acylcarnitines, QuantitativeAcylcarnitine, Plasma; Acylcarnitines, Quantitative, Plasma    ACYLView Details
ADAMTS13 EvaluationADAMTS-13 ACT. & INHIB.; ADAMTS-13 Activity & Inhibitor; VWF Cleaving Protease  MSOTView Details
Adenovirus AntibodyAdenovirus Ab  MSOTView Details
Adenovirus Antigen DetectionAdenovirus Ag, Swab; Adenovirus Antigen Detection, Respiratory, DFA ; Adenovirus Direct Antigen Detection; Adenovirus Direct Exam  MSOTView Details
ADMA/SDMA  Asymmetric dimethylarginine; Symmetric dimethylarginine  ADSDView Details
ADmark® Alzheimer's Evaluation  ADmark® ApoE Genotype Analysis and Interpretation (Symptomatic)
ADmark® Phospho-Tau/Total-Tau/A Beta 42 CSF Analysis and Interpretation (Symptomatic)
 MSOTView Details
ADmark® Phospho-Tau/Total-Tau/A Beta 42 CSF Analysis and Interpretation (Symptomatic)   MSOTView Details
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Stimulation TestACTH Stimulation Test; Addison Disease Testing; Cortrosyn Stimulation; Cosyntropin; Cosyntropin Stimulation  Baseline Cortisol; 30 minute Cortisol; 60 minute Cortisol  ACTHSView Details
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, PlasmaACTH    ACTView Details
Aerobic Bacteria CultureAerobic Culture; Culture, Aerobic; Culture, Micellaneous; Miscellaneous Culture; Surface Wound Culture Aerobic Culture; Gram Stain; Organisim Identification if indicated; Susceptibility if indcated  CXAERView Details
Alanine AminotransferaseALT; SGPT    ALTView Details
Albright Hereditary OsteodystrophyAlbrights  MSOTView Details
AlbuminALB    ALBView Details
Albumin, FluidFluid Albumin    FALBView Details
Alcohol, Ethyl, BloodEthanol    AEBLAView Details
Aldolase     ALDOLView Details
Aldosterone     ALDOSView Details
Aldosterone, 24-hour Urine     ALDURView Details
Aldosterone/Plasma Renin Activity RatioAldosterone/Plasma Renin Activity Ratio, LC/MS/MS Aldosterone, Plasma Renin Activity; Aldosterone/Plasma Renin Activity Ratio  ALDRView Details
Alkaline PhosphataseAlk Phos; ALP    ALPView Details
Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes 

Alkaline Phosphatase; Bone Isoenzymes; Intestinal Isoenzymes; Liver Isoenzymes; Placental Isoenzymes

 APIView Details
Alkaline Phosphatase, Bone SpecificBone-Specific Alkaline Phosphatase ; BSAP    APBSView Details
Almond IgE, AllergenAllergen, Almond IgE; Bitter Almond; F20; Sweet Almond   YesAG46GView Details
Alpha 1 AntitrypsinAlpha-1 Antitrypsin    A1ATView Details
Alpha Beta Double-Negative T Cells for Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative SyndromeAlpha/Beta positive; ALPS Screen; Canale-Smith syndrome; CD4/CD8 negative; DNT ; Double negative T cells  MSOTView Details
Alpha Lactalbumin IgE, AllergenAllergen, Alpha Lactalbumin IgE; F76; nBos d 4 a-lactalbumin, Milk   YesAG66View Details
Alpha Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone a-MSH  MSOTView Details
Alpha SubunitAlpha Subunit of Pituitary; Alpha Subunit of the Gonadotropin; Glycoprotein Alpha Subunit; Gonadotropin Alpha Subunit; Pituitary Glycoprotein Hormone Alpha Subunit  MSOTView Details
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (AAT) Mutation Analysis, GenotypeAlpha-1 Antitrypsin Genotype,AAT Genotype; Alpha-1 Protease Inhibitor (PI) Mutation,AAT Defic; Mutation, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin,AAT Mutation  MSOTView Details
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin PhenotypR™ PLUSA1A Phenotype Plus; Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Phenotype PLUS  A1APView Details
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Quantitation     AAT1View Details
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin, Random Feces   MSOTView Details
Alpha-Fetoprotein Amniotic Fluid AFP Amniotic Fluid    AFPAView Details
Alpha-Fetoprotein Maternal, 2.5 MoMAFP; Maternal Serum AFP AFP, Maternal Risk Interpretation  MSOTView Details
Alpha-Fetoprotein Tumor Marker    YesAFPTMView Details
Alternaria alternata/tenuis IgE, AllergenAllergen, Alternaria alternata/tenuis IgE; Alternaria alternata ; Alternaria IgE; Alternaria tenuis; M6   YesAG19GView Details
Alternative Complement Pathway Activity AH 50 Alternate Pathway; AH50; Alternate Pathway; Alternate Pathway Total Function Activity; Total Function Activity    AH50View Details
AluminumAluminum, Plasma; Aluminum, Serum  MSOTView Details
Aluminum, 24-hour Urine     UAL3View Details
Aluminum, Whole Blood     ALUM1View Details
American Beech IgE, AllergenAllergen, American Beech IgE; Allergen, Beech IgE; T5   YesAG91GView Details
AMI Activate PanelAcute Mycocardial Infarction Profile; AMI Panel; AMI SuperSTAT Profile Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT); Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) [Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN); Calcium (Ca); Creatinine; Electrolytes [Carbon Dioxide (CO2); Chloride (CL); Potassium (K); Sodium (Na)]; Glucose]; CBC no Differential [Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC)]; EGFR; Magnesium (Mg); Prothrombin Time (PT); Troponin T, 5th Generation YesAMIView Details
Amikacin, Peak     AMIK1View Details
Amikacin, Random     AMIK1View Details
Amikacin, Trough     AMIK1View Details
Amino Acid AnalysisAmino Acid Analysis, LC/MS, Plasma
1-Methylhistidine; 3-Methylhistidine; Alanine; Alpha-Amino Adipic Acid; Alpha-Amino Butyric Acid; Arginine; Asparagine; Aspartic Acid; Beta-Alanine; Beta-Amino Isobutyric Acid; Citrulline; Cystathionine; Ethanolamine; Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid; Glutamic Acid; Glutamine; Glycine; Histidine; Homocystine; Hydroxyproline; Isoleucine; Leucine; Lysine; Methionine; Ornithine; Phenylalanine; Proline; Sarcosine; Serine; Taurine; Threonine; Tryptophan; Tyrosine; Valine
 AAAView Details
Amino Acid Analysis, Quantitative, UrineAmino Acid Analysis, LC/MS, Urine    AAUQView Details
Amino Acids Quantitative, CSF Amino Acids, Quantitative, Cerebrospinal Fluid; CSF AA QNT    AACSView Details
Amino Acids, Qualitative Urine     AAUView Details
Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydratase (ALAD), Whole BloodALA Dehydratase, WB; ALAD (Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydratase) Deficiency ; Doss Porphyria; Porphobilinogen (PBG) Synthase  MSOTView Details
Amiodarone     AMIODView Details
AmitriptylineElavil    AMITRView Details
Ammonia NH3    NH3View Details
Amniotic Chromosome, QualitativeAmniotic Chromosome; Chromosome Analysis, Amniotic Fluid ; Chromosome, Amniotic Fluid; Karyotype; Karyotype, Amniotic Fluid    MSOTView Details
Amoxicillin/Amoxicilloyl IgE, AllergenAGAX; Allergen, Amoxicillin IgE ; Allergen, Amoxicilloyl IgE; C6 Amoxicillin IgE, Allergen; Amoxicilloyl IgE, Allergen YesAG145View Details
Amphetamine Confirmation, Meconium Amphetamine, Confirmation by GCMS, Meconium ; Meconium, Amphetamines Confirmation Amphetamine; Methamphetamine  MEACOView Details
Amphetamines, Quantitative, GC/MS, Urine 

Amphetamine; Methamphetamine

 AMPCCView Details
Amphetamines, Quantitative, GC/MS, Urine - Police Requested     PCAMPView Details
Amphetamines, Urine     UAMPOView Details
Ampicillin/Ampicilloyl IgE, AllergenAGAP; Allergen, Ampicillin IgE; Allergen, Ampicilloyl IgE; C5 Ampicillin IgE, Allergen; Ampicilloyl IgE, Allergen YesMSOTView Details
Amylase     AMYView Details
Amylase Isoenzymes with Reflex to MacroamylaseSalivary Amylase Amylase, Pancreatic Isoenzyme, Salivary Isoenzymes (calculated)  MSOTView Details
Amylase, 24-hour Urine  Amylase  UAM24View Details
Amylase, 2-hour Urine     UAMY2View Details
Amylase, FluidFluid Amylase    FAMYView Details
ANA Screen, IFA, with Reflex to Titer and Pattern/Lupus Panel 4ANAlyzer®; Lupus (12) Panel; Lupus Analyzer  MSOTView Details
Anabolic Steroids Screen, Urine  Bolasterone; Boldenone; Clenbuterol; Clostebol; Clostebol Metabolite; Creatinine; Drostanolone Metabolite; Epitestosterone; Fluoxymesterone; Methandrostenolone; Methandrostenolone Metabolite; Methenolone; Methyltestosterone; Nandrolone; Nandrolone Metabolite; Norandrostenedione; Norethandrolone; Norethandrolone Metabolite; Norethindrone; Oxandrolone; Oxymetholone Metabolite; Probenecid; Stanozolol; Stanozolol Metabolite; Testosterone; Testosterone/Epitestosterone Ratio; Tetrahydrogestrinone; Trenbolone Metabolite; Turinabol
 MSOTView Details
Anaerobic Bacteria CultureAnaerobic Culture; Culture, Anaerobic; Wound Culture Aerobic Culture; Anaerobic Culture; Gram Stain; Organisim Identification if indicated; Susceptibility on aerobic organisms if indicated  CXANAView Details
Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Ehrlichia Chaffeensis Ab PanelA. phagocytophilum/E. chaffeensis Antibody Panel ; Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Ehrlichia Chaffeensi; Ehrlichiosis HME & HGE IgG & IgM

Anaplasma phagocytophilum IgG, Anaplasma phagocytophilum IgM, Ehrlichia chaffeensis IgG, Ehrlichia chaffeensis IgM

 MSOTView Details
Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Ehrlichia chaffeensis Antibody PanelA Phagocytophilum/ E Chaffeensis AB PNL Anaplasma phagocytophilum IgG; Anaplasma phagocytophilum IgM; Ehrlichia chaffeensis IgG; Ehrlichia chaffeensis IgM  APECPView Details
ANCA Screen with Reflex to ANCA Titers  ANCA Screen; Reflex (Atypical P-ANCA Titer; C-ANCA Titer; P-ANCA Titer)  ANCATView Details
Androstenedione     ADIONView Details
AngelmanAngelman Syndrome; Happy Puppet Syndrome  MSOTView Details
Angiotensin Converting EnzymeACE; Angiotensin - 1 Converting Enzyme    AN1CEView Details
Angiotensin Converting Enzyme, CSFACE, CSF; Angiotensin - 1 Converting Enzyme, CSF  MSOTView Details
Anser VDZVDZ; vedolizumab    NCSOTView Details
Anti Streptolysin-OASO; ASO titer    ASOView Details
Antibiotic Susceptibility Antibiotic Susceptability by Minimal Inhibitory Co; MIC; Susceptibility    CXMICView Details
Antibody Screen, AutomatedCoombs, Indirect; Screen    SCRNView Details
Antiepidermal Antibodies with Reflex To TitersPemphigoid AB (IFA); Skin Total ABS, Pemphigus & Pemphigoid; Skin Total Autoantibodies, Inter-Epithelial & Derm  Basement Membrane Zone Antibody Screen ; Intercellular Substance Antibody Screen  MSOTView Details
Anti-IgA Antibodies, IgG ClassAnti-IgA; Anti-IgA Ab, IgG, S; Anti-IgA Antibody; Anti-Immunoglobulin A; IgA (Immunoglobulin A) Antibodies; IgA Antibodies - IgG, Anti-IgA Antibodies; IgG, Anti-IgA Antibodies; Immunoglobulin A (IgA) Antibodies  MSOTView Details
Anti-Mullerian Hormone, Female AMH; AMH, Female; AMH/MIS; AMH-MIS; Anti-Mullerian Hormone; MIS; Mullerian Inhibiting Substance    AMHFEView Details
Anti-Mullerian Hormone, Male AMH; AMH, Male; AMH/MIS; AMH-MIS; Anti-Mullerian Hormone; MIS; Mullerian Inhibiting Substance  AMHMAView Details
Anti-Nuclear Ab, FluidANA Body Fluid; ANA, BF; Antinuclear Ab ; Anti-Nuclear Ab; Anti-Nuclear Ab (FANA), Body Fluid; FANA  MSOTView Details
Antinuclear Antibody ProfileANA Profile Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA); Centromere Antibody Screen; DNA Double Strand (DS DNA); Extractable Nuclear Antigen Antibodies (ENA); Rheumatoid Factor (RF); Sjogrens Ab (SSA/SSB)  ANAPView Details
Antinuclear Antibody ScreenANA; ANA Ab; ANA Screen; ANA Screen, with Reflex to Titer and Pattern; LE Prep    ANAView Details
Antiphospholipid AntibodiesAntiphospholipid Eval w/o LA; Antiphospholipid Syndrome Evaluation without LA ; Antiphospholipid Syndrome Evaluation without Lupus; APS Eval no Lupus Anticoagulant; APS Eval serum only Cardiolipin IgA Autoantibodies, Cardiolipin IgG Autoantibodies, Cardiolipin IgM Autoantibodies, Phosphatidylserine IgA Autoantibodies, Phosphatidylserine IgG Autoantibodies, Phosphatidylserine IgM Autoantibodies  APSNGView Details
Antiphospholipid Syndrome EvaluatRAPS Evaluation; Habitual Aborter Panel
Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgA Autoantibodies; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgG Autoantibodies; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgM Autoantibodies; Cardiolipin IgA Autoantibodies; Cardiolipin IgG Autoantibodies; Cardiolipin IgM Autoantibodies; dRVVT Screen with Reflex to dRVVT Confirm & dRVVT 1:1 Mix; Phosphatidylserine IgA Autoantibodies; Phosphatidylserine IgG Autoantibodies; Phosphatidylserine IgM Autoantibodies; 
 APEVGView Details
Antithrombin III Activity     THRM3View Details
Antithrombin III AntigenAntithrombin III Ag; Antithrombin III Antigenic    A3AGView Details
Apolipoprotein B     APOLView Details
Apple IgE, AllergenAllergen, Apple IgE; F49   YesAG47GView Details
Apricot IgE, AllergenAllergen, Apricot IgE; F237   YesAG187View Details
Aquaporin-4 Receptor Antibody by ELISA, with Reflex to AQP4 Receptor Antibody, IgG by IFA, Serum AQP4; Devic's Ab; Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO); Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) Antibody; Optic Neuritix Ab; Optic-Spincal MS Ab; Transverse Myelitis Ab; Vision Loss Ab  MSOTView Details
Arbovirus Antibody Panel IgG & IgM, CSF Arbovirus Antibody Panel, IFA (CSF) ; Arbovirus IgG-IgM Abs, CSF; Arbovirus Antibody Panel, IFA (CSF); CSF Arboviral Panel Calif-La Crosse Virus Enceph IgG Antibodies; Calif-La Crosse Virus Enceph IgM Antibodies; Eastern Equine Encephalitis IgG Antibodies; Eastern Equine Encephalitis IgM Antibodies; St. Louis Encephalitis IgG Antibodies; St. Louis Encephalitis IgM Antibodies; Western Equine Encephalitis IgG Antibodies; Western Equine Encephalitis IgM Antibodies  AACSFView Details
Arbovirus Antibody Panel IgG, IgMArbovirus Panel IgM

California Encephalitis (IgG, IgM); Eastern Equine Encephalitis (IgG, IgM); St. Lois Encephalitis (IgG, IgM); Western Equine Encephalitis (IgG, IgM)

 MSOTView Details
Arbovirus IgG Antibody PanelArbovirus IgG AB Panel; Arbovirus IgG Antibodies; Arbovirus Panel IgG St. Louis, Western equine; Eastern Equine; California Encephalitis group   MSOTView Details
Arsenic, 24-hour Urine     UARView Details
Arsenic, Hair or Nails     ARSHAView Details
Arsenic, Whole Blood     HVARView Details
Arthritis Profile Basic  Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA); Anti Streptolysin-O (ASO); C-Reactive Protein (CRP); Rheumatoid Factor (RF);  ARTPRView Details
Arthritis Profile Comprehensive  Alkaline Phosphatase, Total; Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA); Anti Streptolysin-O (ASO); Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN); C-Reactive Protein (CRP); Calcium (Ca); Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide (CCP); Phosphorus, Inorganic; Rheumatoid Factor (RF); Sedimentation Rate (ESR); Uric Acid YesARTPCView Details
Arthropod IdentificationArachnid Idendification; Insect Idendification; Lice Idendification; Scabies Identification; Tick Identification    BUGView Details
Aspartate AminotransferaseAST; SGOT    ASTView Details
Aspergillus AntibodiesAspergillus Antibodies, Immunodiffusion; Aspergillus Antibodies, Immunodiffusion, Serum; Aspergillus Precipitins Abs; Aspergillus Precipitins Antibodies    MSOTView Details
Aspergillus AntigenAspergillosis; Aspergillus Galactomannan; Galactomannan Assay; Platelia Aspergillus Antigen; Platelia® Aspergillus ; Platelia® Aspergillus Galactomannan    ASAGView Details
Aspergillus fumigatus IgE, AllergenA Fumigatus; Allergen, Aspergillus Fumigatus IgE; M3   YesAG20GView Details
Aspergillus Galactomannan Test Aspergillas Ag, BAL; Aspergillus EIA Galactomannan Test    ASGAAView Details
Aspergillus IgE Panel 

Aspergillus amstelodami/glaucus IgE; Aspergillus flavus IgE; Aspergillus fumigatus IgE; Aspergillus nidulans IgE; Aspergillus niger IgE; Aspergillus terreus IgE; Aspergillus versicolor IgE

YesASGEView Details
Aspergillus niger IgE, AllergenA niger IgE; Allergen, Aspergillus niger IgE; Aspergillus Niger IgE; M207   YesA150GView Details
Aspirin ResponseASA Collagen ADP; Collagen EPI  ASAView Details
AttestCulture, Attest  CXENVView Details
Aubergine Eggplant, IgE AllergenAllergen, Aubergine Eggplant IgE ; Aubergine; Brinjal; Egg Apple; Eggplant; F262; Garden Egg; Guinea Squash; Jew’s Apple; Mad Apple; Pea Apple   YesAG196View Details
Aureobasidium Pullulans IgE, AllergenAllergen, Aureobasidium pullulans IgE; M12; P pullulans IgE   YesAG27GView Details
Avocado IgE, AllergenAllergen, Avocado IgE; Alligator pear; Avocado; Butter pear; F96; Midshipman’s butter; Vegetable butter   YesAG201View Details
Babesia microti Antibodies (IgG, IgM)Babesia microti Antibodies (IgG, IgM), IFA  MSOTView Details
Bacterial Vaginosis/Vaginitis Bacterial Vaginosis; Bacterial Vaginosis/Vaginitis ; SureSwab®, Bacterial Vaginosis/Vaginitis

Bacterial Vaginosis DNA, Quantitative; Candidiasis, PCR; Trichomonas vaginalis RNA, Qualitative; 

 SSBVView Details
Bahia Grass IgE, AllergenAllergen, Bahia Grass IgE; Bahia; G17   YesAG11GView Details
Banana IgE, AllergenAllergen, Banana IgE; F92   YesAG48GView Details
Barbiturates, GC/MS, Urine  Amobarbital; Butabarbital; Butalbital; Pentobarbital; Phenobarbital; Secobarbital  BARCCView Details
Barbiturates, GC/MS, Urine - Police Requested  Amobarbital; Butabarbital; Butalbital; Pentobarbital; Phenobarbital; Secobarbital  PBARView Details
Barbiturates, Urine     UBAROView Details
Barley IgE, AllergenAllergen, Barley IgE; Barley (Food) IgE, Allergen; Barley, Whole Grain; F6   YesAG49GView Details
Bartonella Species Ab w/Reflex to TitersBartonella Antibody Panel, IFA; Bartonella Species Ab(IgG, IgM) w/Reflex to Titers; Cat Scratch Fever Bartonella IgG hensela Ab; Bartonella IgG qunitana; Bartonella IgM hensela Ab; Bartonella IgM qunitana;   BARPView Details
Basic Metabolic PanelBMP; Chem 8; Chemistry Panel 8 Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN); Calcium (Ca); Creatinine; Electrolytes [Carbon Dioxide (CO2); Chloride (CL); Potassium (K); Sodium (Na)]; Glucose  BMPView Details
Basil IgE, AllergenAllergen, Basil IgE; F269   YesAG119View Details
B-Cell Clonal Study CLL Panel; Flow Cytometry B-Cell Clonal CBC [Automated Differential; Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC)]; CD2; CD3; CD4; CD5; CD7; CD8; CD10; CD19; CD20; CD23; CD38; CD45; CD56; FMC7; Surface Kappa; Surface Lambda;  FBCLLView Details
B-Cell Gene RearrangementBCell Gene Rearrangement; B-Cell Translocations  B-Cell 1 Gene Rearrangement; B-Cell 2 Gene Rearrangement  PSView Details
B-Cell Memory and Naive PanelMemory B Cell ; Memory B-cells  MSOTView Details
BCL2 Translocation, t(14;18) B-Cell Leukemia Fusion; B-Cell Leukemia Translocation; BCL-2 Transolocation (14:8)  PSView Details
BCR-ABL1 Gene Rearrangement, Quantitative, PCRBCR ABL PCR; BCR/ABL for CML; bcr/abl Gene Rearrangement, QN,Pl-based,Leumeta(R); BCR/ABL Major (p210; b2a2 or b3a2); P190 BCR-ABL transcript; P210 BCR-ABL transcript; Philadelphia Chromosome; Quantitative BCR/ABL, t(9;22); t(9;22)   YesBCRPView Details
Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome (BWS)/Russell-Silver Syndrome (RSS) Molecular AnalysisBeckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome (BWS); BWS (Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome); H19; IC1; IC2; LIT1; RSS (Russell-Silver syndrome); Russell-Silver syndrome (RSS); Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS); SRS (Silver-Russell syndrome); Wilm's Tumor  MSOTView Details
Beef IgE, AllergenAllergen, Beef IgE; F27   YesAG50GView Details
Bence Jones Protein, 24-hour Urine  IFE for Kappa; IFE for Lambda; Protein Electrophoresis, Urine; Pathology interpretation; Total Protein, Urine  UBJ24View Details
Bence Jones Protein, Urine  IFE for Kappa; IFE for Lambda; Protein Electrophoresis, Urine; Pathology interpretation; Total Protein, Urine  UBJR1View Details
BenzeneBenzene, Blood  MSOTView Details
Benzodiazephine, UrineBenzodiazepam, Urine    UBENOView Details
Benzodiazepines, Quantitative, GC/MS, Urine - Police Requested     PBNZCView Details
Benzodiazepines, Quantitative, UrineDrug Monitoring, Benzodiazepines, Quantitative, Ur Alphahydroxyalprazolam; Alphahydroxymidazolam; Alphahydroxytriazolam; Aminoclonazepam; Hydroxyethylflurazepam; Lorazepam; Nordiazepam; Oxazepam; Temazepam  MSOTView Details
Bermuda Grass IgE, AllergenAllergen, Bermuda Grass IgE; Bermuda; G2   YesAG12GView Details
Beta HydroxybutyrateAcetone; Beta- Hydroxybutyrate; Beta- Hydroxybutyrate (BHB); BHB; Ketone    BHBView Details
Beta-2 Microglobulin    YesBE2MCView Details
Beta-2 Microglobulin, Urine    YesB2MCUView Details
Beta-2 Transferrin     BET2TView Details
Beta-2-Glycoprotein Antibodies IgA, IgG, IgMBeta-2-Glycoprotein; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I (Beta-2-GPI) IgG, IgM & IgA Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgA Autoantibodies; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgG Autoantibodies; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgM Autoantibodies  B2GPNView Details
Beta-2-Glycoprotein Antibody IgAAnti-Beta-2-Glycoprotein IgA Antibody; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgA; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgA Antibodies    B2GPAView Details
Beta-2-Glycoprotein Antibody IgGAnti-Beta-2-Glycoprotein IgG Antibody; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgG; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgG Antibodies    B2GPGView Details
Beta-2-Glycoprotein Antibody IgMAnti-Beta-2-Glycoprotein IgM Antibody; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgM; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgM Antibodies
 B2GPMView Details
Beta-lactoglobulin, IgEAllergen, Beta-Lactoglobin; F77 YesMSOTView Details
BicarbonateHCO3    HCO3View Details
Bile Acids PanelBile Acids, Fractionated and Total  MSOTView Details
Bile Acids, Total  Cholyglycine  MSOTView Details
Bilirubin Total, FluidFluid Bilirubin Total    FBILTView Details
Bilirubin, Fractionated  Bilirubin Direct; Bilirubin Indirect; Bilirubin Total  BILIFView Details
Bilirubin, Neonatal     BILINView Details
Bilirubin, Neonatal Fractionated  Bilirubin Direct ; Bilirubin Indirect ; Bilirubin Neonatal (Total)  BILFNView Details
Bilirubin, Total     BILITView Details
Bilirubin, Urine     UBILView Details
Biotinidase   MSOTView Details
Biphenyl   MSOTView Details
BK Virus Quantitative, Plasma BK Virus, Plasma ; BK Virus, Plasma Quantitative; BKV; BKV, Plasma  MSOTView Details
BK Virus Quantitative, Serum BK Virus, Serum; BK Virus, Serum Quantitative ; BKV; BKV, Serum    BKSERView Details
BK Virus Quantitative, Urine BK Virus, Urine; BK Virus, Urine Quantitative; BKV; BKV, Urine    BKURNView Details
Black Pepper IgE, AllergenAllergen, Black Pepper IgE; F280   YesAG144View Details
Blackberry IgE, AllergenAllegheny Blackberry; Allergen, Blackberry IgE; Bramble; Brambleberry; Bramble-kite; Brameberry; Common Blackberry; European Blackberry ; F211   YesAG194View Details
Blastomyces Dermatitidis Antigen     BDAGSView Details
Blastomyces Quantitative Antigen, UrineBlastomyces Ag Urine; Blastomyces Antigen Assay; Blastomyces Quantitative Antigen, Urine    BDAGUView Details
Bleeding TimePFA 100; Platelet Function Assay 100    BLEDView Details
Blood CultureCulture, Blood Blood Culture; Organism ID if indicated; Susceptibility if indicated  CXBLDView Details
Blood Gas, ArterialABG; Arterial Blood Gas Base Excess; HCO3; O2 Sat; pCO2; pH; pO2; TCO2  ABG1View Details
Blood Gas, CapillaryCapillary Blood Gases Base Excess; HCO3; O2 Sat; pCO2; pH; pO2; TCO2  CABGView Details
Blood Gas, Cord Blood ArterialCord Blood Gas Base Excess; HCO3; O2 Sat; pCO2; pH; pO2; TCO2  CDBGAView Details
Blood Gas, Cord Blood VenousCord Blood Gas Base Excess; HCO3; O2 Sat; pCO2; pH; pO2; TCO2  CDBGVView Details
Blood Gas, VenousVenous Blood Gas Base Excess; O2 Sat; pCO2; pH; pO2  VABGView Details
Blood Urea NitrogenBUN    BUNView Details
Blood Urea Nitrogen, FluidBUN, Fluid; Fluid Blood Urea Nitrogen; Fluid BUN    FBUNView Details
Blue Mussel IgE, AllergenAllergen, Blue Mussel; F37   YesA151GView Details
Blueberry IgE, AllergenAllergen, Blueberry IgE; Bilberry; European Blueberry; F288; Highbush Blueberry; Lowbush Blueberry; Whinberry; Whortleberry   YesAG156View Details
Body Fluid - Flow CytometryFlow Studies - Body Fluid CD2; CD3; CD4; CD5; CD7; CD8; CD10; CD19; CD20; CD23; CD38; CD45; CD56; FMC7; Surface Kappa; Surface Lambda; Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC); Differential if reflexed  FLFLOView Details
Bone and Joint Panel  Antinuclear Antibody Screen (ANA); Anti Streptolysin-O (ASO); C-Reactive Protein (CRP); Protein Electrophoresis [Albumin; Alpha 1 Globulin; Alpha 2 Globulin; Beta Globulin; Gamma Globulin; Interpretation; Total Protein]; Rheumatoid Factor (RF);Uric Acid
 BJPView Details
Bone Marrow Aspirate and Core BiopsyBiopsy and Marrow; BMS; Bone Core Biopsy; Bone Marrow Aspirate

Decalcification; Level IV; Peripheral Smear; Special Stains

 BMOView Details
Bordetella Pertussis / Parapertussis DNA QualitativeB. pertussis/para DNA, QL Real-Time PCR; B.PERTUSSIS DNA, PCR; Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis DNA, Qual R-T P  MSOTView Details
Bordetella pertussis IgA AntibodiesB Pertussis IgA; BORDA BLOT; Pertussis; Whooping Cough  MSOTView Details
Bordetella pertussis IgM AntibodyB Pertussis IgM; Bordetella pertussis IgM Antibody, ELISA with Immu; Pertussis IgM Antibody   YesBTPMView Details
Bordetella pertussis toxin (PT) Antibody (IgG), Immunoassay Whooping Cough    MSOTView Details
Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis Culture      BPPPCView Details
Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis SmearBordetella pertussis/parapertussis Smear, DFA ; Whooping Cough    BPPSDView Details
Box Elder IgE, AllergenAllergen, Box Elder IgE; Ash Maple ; Ashleaf Maple ; Black Ash ; Box Elder Maple ; California Boxelder ; Cutleaf Maple ; Cut-leaved Maple ; Manitoba Maple; Maple Ash; Negundo Maple ; Red River Maple ; Stinking Ash ; Sugar Ash ; T1; Three-leaved Maple ; Western Box Elder   YesAG94GView Details
BRAF Mutation AnalysisBRAF V600  PSView Details
Brazil Nut IgE, AllergenAllergen, Brazil Nut IgE; Cream Nut ; F18; Para-nut   YesA130GView Details
Broccoli IgE, AllergenAllergen, Broccoli IgE; Calabrese ; F260; Purple Cauliflower ; Romanesco; Spear Cauliflower ; Winter Cauliflower   YesAG166View Details
Bronchial Lavage CD4:CD8 RatioBAL CD4:CD8 Ratio CD4+; CD8+; Ratio;  FLHSRView Details
Brucella Abortus AntibodiesBrucella Antibodies IgG & IgM; Brucella Antibody    BRUCEView Details
Bumble Bee Venom IgE, AllergenAllergen, Bumble Bee Venom IgE; Bumblebee; Humblebee ; I205; Venom Bumble Bee (Bombus terresturs) IgE   YesAG10GView Details
Bun and Creatinine Panel  Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN); Creatinine; GFR Calculation  BUNCRView Details
Bun and Creatinine Panel with Ratio  Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN); Creatinine;Creatinine; GFR Calculation; Ratio  BCRAView Details
Buprenorphine with Quantitative Confirmation, UrineSuboxone  SUBSView Details
C PeptideC-Peptide    CPEPView Details
C1 Esterase Inhibitor ProteinC1 Esterase; C1 Esterase Inhibitor, Total; C1 Inhibitor Protein    C1ESTView Details
C1 Inhibitor, FunctionalC1 Esterase; Functional C1-Inhibitor    MSOTView Details
C3a LevelC3a anaphylatoxin; C3a Complement; C3a des Arg Level; C3a des Arg Level by RIA; C3a Level; C3a Level By RIA; C3ades Arg Level ; C3ades Arg Level by RIA; Complement C3a; Radial Immuno Assay (C3a Level)    MSOTView Details
C4a LevelC4a anaphylatoxin; C4a complement, RIA; C4a des Arg Level; C4ades Arg Level ; C4AL; Complement Component 4A ; Radial Immuno Assay (C4a Level)    MSOTView Details
Cabbage IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cabbage IgE; Cabbage; F216; Head cabbage; Heading cabbage   YesAG206View Details
Cacao (Chocolate) IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cacao (Chocolate) IgE ; Allergen,Chocolate IgE ; F93   YesAG57GView Details
Cadmium, BloodCd    CADMIView Details
Cadmium, Urine  Cadmium; Creatinine  CADMUView Details
CaffeineCaffeine Serum; Caffeine, Serum; Serum Caffeine    CAFFSView Details
Caffeine, Urine     CAFFUView Details
Calcitonin     CALCTView Details
Calcitrol Level1, 25-Dihydroxyvitamin D; Calcitrol Level; Vit D1, 25 Dihydroxy; Vitamin D 1, 25 Dihydroxy ; Vitamin D, 1,25-Dihydroxy, LC/MS/MS ; Vitamin D-1, 25    VITD2View Details
CalciumCA    CAView Details
Calcium / Creatinine Urine RatioCA/Creat Urine Ratio    UCACRView Details
Calcium, 24-hr UrineCa, 24-hour Urine    UCA24View Details
Calcium, Ionized Ca++; Free Calcium; Ionized Calcium   YesCAIONView Details
Calcium, UrineCa Urine    UCARView Details
Calculi AnalysisStone Analysis; Stone-A-Lyzer Gross Exam; Chemical Analysis; Component 1; Component 2; Stone Weight  PSView Details
California-La Crosse Encephalitis IgG Anitibodies, CSF California Encephalitis  MSOTView Details
California-La Crosse Encephalitis IgG Antibodies California Encephalitis  MSOTView Details
California-La Crosse Encephalitis IgM AntibodiesLa Crosse Encephalitis IgM  MSOTView Details
Calprotectin, StoolCalprotectin    CALPView Details
Campylobacter jejuni AntibodyCampylobacter jejuni Antibody, ELISA  MSOTView Details
Cancer Antigen 125CA 125   YesC1251View Details
Cancer Antigen 15-3CA 15-3 YesC153View Details
Cancer Antigen 19-9CA 19-9; Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9   YesCA199View Details
Cancer Antigen 27-29CA 27.29; CA 27-29   YesC2729View Details
Candida albicans AntibodiesCandida albicans Antibodies (IgG, IgA, IgM) Albicans IgA; Albicans IgG; Albicans IgM  CAIIView Details
Candida albicans IgE, AllergenAllergen, Candida alibicans IgE; C. albicans; M5   YesAG21GView Details
Candida auris Culture Screenauris; C. auris ; candida; candida auris; Candida Screen; MDRO    CXAURView Details
Candida sp. Antibodies IDCandida Albicans Antibody; Candida albicans Antibody, Immunodiffusion    CANDIView Details
Cannabinoid Confirmation/Quantitation - Police Requested     PCANCView Details
Cannabinoid, Urine     UCANOView Details
CarbamazepineTegretol    CARBView Details
Carbon DioxideCO2    CO2View Details
Carbon Monoxide, VenousCarboxyhemoglobin; CO    COView Details
Carcinoembryonic AntigenCEA   YesCEAView Details
Carcinoembryonic Antigen, FluidCEA Fluid; Fluid Carcinoembryonic Antigen; Fluid CEA   YesFCEAView Details
Cardio IQ® Lipoprotein FractionationCARDIO IQ LIPROPROTEIN FR; Cardio IQ® Lipoprotein Fractionation, Ion Mobility LDL Particle Number; LDL Small; LDL Medium; HDL Large; LDL Pattern; LDL Peak Size  CIQLFView Details
Cardiolipin Antibodies IgA, IgG, IgM Anti-Cardiolipin; Cardiolipin Antibodies (IgA, IgG, IgM); Cardiolipin Autoantibodies Cardiolipin IgA Autoantibodies; Cardiolipin IgG Autoantibodies; Cardiolipin IgM Autoantibodies  CARDPView Details
Cardiolipin IgA, AntibodyCardiolipin Ab IgA; Cardiolipin Antibody, IgA    CARAView Details
Cardiolipin IgG, AntibodyCardiolipin Ab IgG; Cardiolipin Antibody, IgG    CARGView Details
Cardiolipin IgM AntibodyCardiolipin Ab IgM; Cardiolipin Antibody, IgM    CARMView Details
CarmineCarmine Dye; Carmine/Red Dye-Cochineal (Dactylopius coccus) IgE; Cochineal extract; Dactylopius coccus; f340; Red Dye #4; Red Dye-Cochineal IgE   YesAG215View Details
CarnitineCarnitine Evaluation; Carnitine Free and Total Carnitine, Total; Carnitine, Free; Carnitine, Esters; Esterified/Free Ratio  CARNView Details
CaroteneBeta-Carotene    CAROTView Details
Carrot IgE, AllergenAllergen, Carrot IgE; F31   YesAG51View Details
Casein IgE, AllergenAllergen, Casein IgE; F78   YesAG52View Details
Cashew Nut IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cashew Nut IgE; F202   YesAG53GView Details
Cat Epithelium/Dander IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cat Dander; Cat; Cat Dander IgE; Domestic cat; E1   YesAG1GView Details
Catecholamines Fractionated, 24-hour UrineCatecholamine Fractionation, Urinary, Free; Catecholamines Fractionated, Free (w/out Creatinin Dopamine, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Total Catecholamines (calculated)  CATFUView Details
Catecholamines Fractionation     CATFPView Details
Catecholamines, Urine     CATRNView Details
Cathartic Laxatives Profile, Stool   Magnesium, Phosphorus  MSOTView Details
Cauliflower IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cauliflower IgE; Broccoflower; Calabrese ; F291; Romanesco   YesAG184View Details
CD19CD 19    CD19View Details
CD19 & CD20  CD19; CD20  CDMSView Details
CD20CD 20    CD20View Details
CD4CD4; Flow Cytometry T Cell Subset; T Cell Subset with CBC; TCell Subset with CBC; T-Cell Subset with CBC CD3; CD4; CD8; Helper/Suppressor Ratio; CBC {Automated Differential; Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC]
 FTCELView Details
CEBPA Mutation Analysis     CEBPView Details
Cedar IgE, AllergenCalifornia incense-cedar ; Edar Tree; Incense-cedar; T212; White Cedar   YesA198GView Details
Celery IgE, AllergenAllergen, Celery IgE; F85   YesAG54View Details
Celiac Disease EvaluationCeliac Disease Ab Panel; Gluten Enteropathy Endomysial IgA Autoantibodies; Gliadin IgA Antibodies; Gliadin IgG Antibodies; IgA Total; Reticulin IgA Autoantibodies; Reticulin IgG Autoantibodies; Transglutaminase IgA Autoantibodies; Transglutaminase IgG Autoantibodies  CELPView Details
Cell Block, Cytology     CSView Details
Cell Count, Bronchial Lavage Fluid     FCELLView Details
Cell Count, FluidFluid Cell Count    FCELLView Details
Centromere AntibodyAnti Centromere Antibodies; Anti-Centromere ; Centromere B Antibody    CENTView Details
Cerebral Spinal Fluid Cell CountCell Count, CSF; CSF Cell Count; Spinal Fluid Cell Count Clarity; Color; Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); White Blood Cell Count (WBC)  CCELLView Details
Cerebrospinal Fluid CultureCSF Culture; Culture, Cerebrospinal Fluid; Culture, CSF Gram Stain  CXCSFView Details
Cerebrospinal Fluid Panel with CSF CultureCSF Panel; CSF Panel, ECC CSF Cell Count [Clarity; Color; Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); White Blood Cell Count (WBC)]; CSF Glucose; CSF Protein, CSF Culture  CFEC1View Details
Cerebrospinal Fluid ProfileCSF Profile; CSF Routine Cell Count [Clarity; Color; Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); White Blood Cell Count (WBC)]; Glucose CSF; Protein CSF  CFView Details
CeruloplasminCopper Oxide; Wilson's Disease    CERULView Details
Cheese Mold Type IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cheese Mold Type IgE; Cheese Mold IgE; F82   YesAG167View Details
Cheese, Cheddar Type IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cheese, Cheddar Type IgE; F81   YesAG55View Details
Chicken Feathers IgE, AllergenAllergen, Chicken Feathers IgE; E85   YesAG2GView Details
Chicken Meat IgE, AllergenAllergen, Chicken Meat IgE; F83   YesAG56View Details
Chikungunya Antibodies (IgG, IgM) with Reflex to Titers   MSOTView Details
Childhood Allergy PanelAllergen Panel Childhood; Allergy Profile Childhood; Childhood Allergy Profile (Food/Environmental) Alternaria alternata; Cat Dander; Cladosporium herbarum; Cockroach; Cod Fish; Cow Milk; Dermatophagoides farinae (dust mite); Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (dust mite); Dog Dander; Egg White;  IgE, Total; Peanut; Shrimp; Soybean; Walnut; Wheat YesCHAP3View Details
Chlamydia and Chlamydophila Antibody Panel 1, IgGChlamydia Species Antibodies IgG; Chlamydia/Chlamydophila Antibody Panel IgG C trachomatis Antibody IgG; C pneumoniae Antibody IgG; C psittaci Antibody IgG  CHLYMView Details
Chlamydia and Chlamydophilia Antibody Panel 2, IgMChlamydia Species ABS, IgM; Chlamydia/Chlamydophila Antibody Panel IgM C trachomatis IgM; C pneumoniae IgM; C psittaci IgM  CHIGMView Details
Chlamydia trachomatis - FemaleChlamydia by Nucleic Acid Probe; Chlamydia trachomatis by Probe; Chlamydia, NAA; RNACT    CTFView Details
Chlamydia trachomatis - MaleChlamydia by Nucleic Acid Probe; Chlamydia trachomatis by Probe; Chlamydia, NAA; RNACT    CTMView Details
Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae - FemaleGC and Chlamydia - Female; GC, NAA and Chlamydia, NAA    GCCTFView Details
Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae - Male GC and Chlamydia - Male; GC, NAA and Chlamydia, NAA    GCCTMView Details
Chlamydia trachomatis CultureAlso ordered for Chlamydia Culture on the Eye; Chlamydia Culture; Chlamydia trachomatis Culture; Culture, Chlamydia trachomatis    CHLMView Details
Chlamydia trachomatis, UrogenitalChlamydia trachomatis RNA, TMA; Chlamydia trachomatis RNA, TMA, Urogenital; CT APTIMA®; CT TMA; Hologic  CTRNAView Details
Chlamydia/Neisseria gonorrhoeae, RectalChlamydia/Neisseria gonorrhoeae RNA, TMA, Rectal; CT/GC APTIMA®; CT/GC TMA; CT/NG APTIMA®; CT/NG TMA Chlamydia trachomatis; Neisseria gonorrhoeae  MSOTView Details
Chlamydia/Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Throat Chlamydia/Neisseria gonorrhoeae RNA, TMA, Throat; CT/GC APTIMA®; CT/GC TMA; CT/NG APTIMA®; CT/NG TMA  MSOTView Details
ChlorideCl    CLView Details
Chloride, 24-hour UrineCL, 24-hour Urine    UCL24View Details
Chloride, Urine CL, Urine    UCLRView Details
ChlorpromazineThorazine    CHLORView Details
Cholesterol    YesCHOLView Details
Cholesterol, FluidFluid Cholesterol; Fluid, Cholesterol   YesFCHOLView Details
Cholinesterase with Dibucaine InhibitionCholinesterase Dibucaine; Dibucaine Number and Cholinesterase, Serum Cholinesterase, Serum; Dibucaine Number  CHOLNView Details
Cholinesterase, RBC and PlasmaAcetylcholinesterase Panel; Cholinesterase Profile

Cholinesterase Plasma; Cholinesterase RBC

 CHRPView Details
ChromiumChromium, Serum    CHRMSView Details
Chromium, Whole Blood     MSOTView Details
Chromogranin - ACgA; Chromogranin-A    CHRA1View Details
Chromosomal MicroarrayArray Genomic Alterations; Autism Genomic Alterations; Birth Defects Genomic Alterations; Chromosomal Microarray, Postnatal, ClariSure® Olig; ClariSure® Genomic Alterations; ClariSure® Oligo-SNP Array; Congenital Malformations; Constitutional Abnormality; Developmental Delay; Mental Retardation; Microarray Genomic Alterations; Oligo-SNP Array Genomic Alteration; Oligo-SNP Microarray; Postnatal; Subtelomere    MIARXView Details
Chromosome Analysis Blood Chromosomes; Chromosome Analysis, Blood ; Karyotype; Karyotype, Blood   YesCHRBLView Details
Chromosome Analysis, Hematologic MaligancyAcute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL); Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML); Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS); Myeloproliferative Disorders (MPD); Philadelphia Chromosome    CHRONView Details
Chromosome Analysis, Tissue Chromosome Analysis, Tissue ; Chromosome, Tissue; Karyotype; Karyotype, Tissue; Tissue Chromosome; Tissue Chromosome, Qualitative   YesCHRTIView Details
Chylomicron Screen, Body Fluid CHYLO FL  MSOTView Details
Cinnamon IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cinnamon IgE; Ceylon Cinnamon ; RF220; True Cinnamon   YesAG169View Details
Citric Acid, 24-hour UrineCitrate    CITRView Details
Cladosporium herbarum IgE, Allergen(obsolete name Hormodendrum); Allergen, Cladosporium herbarum IgE; C. Herbarum ; Cladosporium herbarum; M2   YesAG22GView Details
Clam IgE, AllergenAllergen, Clam IgE; F207   YesAG58GView Details
ClobazamClabazam Alias Onfi ; Frisium®; Onfi®; Sympazan™; Urbanyl®    CLOBView Details
ClomipramineAnafranil Clomipramine; N-Desmethylclomipramine  CLOMIView Details
ClonazepamKlonopin    CLONAView Details
Clostridium difficile PathwayC diff; C Diff Pathway; C. diff Toxin; cdiff; CDiff Pathway; C-Diff Pathway; Clostridum difficile; GDH; Toxins    CDGTOView Details
Clostridium difficile Toxin B, Qualitative  Clostridium Difficile DNA; Toxin B Gene  CDFEView Details
Clozapine & NorclozapineClozapine and Norclozapine; Clozaril Clozapine; Norclozapine  CLOZView Details
CML/ALL, bcr/abl, Translocation 9;22ALL; Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) Blast Crisis; CML; FISH, CML/ALL, bcr/abl, Translocation 9;22    BCRXView Details
Coag Profile  Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT); Fibrinogen; Platelet Count; Prothrombin Time (PT) YesCOAGView Details
Cobalt     COBALView Details
Cocaine Confirmation, MeconiumCocaine, Confirmation, GC/MS, Meconium; Meconium Confirm Cocaine Cocaine; Benzoylecgonine; Cocaethylene; Ecgonine methyl ester  MECOCView Details
Cocaine Metabolites, GC/MS, Urine   COCFView Details
Cocaine Metabolites, GC/MS, Urine - Police Requested   PCOFView Details
Cocaine, Urine     UCOCOView Details
Coccidioides Antibodies, IgG and IgMCocci Abs; Cocci IgG, IgM Abs; San Joaquin Fever IgG and IgM Antibodies; Valley Fever IgG and IgM Antibodies

Coccidioides IgG Antibody; Coccidioides IgM Antibody

 MSOTView Details
Coccidioides AntibodyCoccidioides Ab; Coccidioides Antibody, Complement Fixation, Serum ; Coccidioides Total Antibodies    COCBView Details
Coccidioides Antibody, IgG and IgMCOCCIDIOIDES AB IGG IGM EIA; Coccidioides Antibody, IgG & IgM; Coccidioides Antibody, IgG and IgM EIA    COCCIView Details
Coccidioides Quantitative AntigenCoccidiodes Ag; Coccidioides Antigen; Coccidioides Antigen Assay; Coccidioidomycosis    COCGView Details
Cocklebur IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cocklebur IgE; Cocklebur; Common cocklebur ; Rough cocklebur; W13   YesAG32GView Details
Cockroach IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cockroach German IgE; Allergen, Cockroach IgE; Blatella germanica; Cockroach IgE, Allergen; I6   YesAG8GView Details
Cocksfoot (Orchard Grass) IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cocksfoot (Orchard Grass) IgE; G3; Orchard Grass IgE, Allergen   YesAG16GView Details
Coconut IgE, AllergenAllergen, Coconut IgE; Common Coconut; F36   YesAG161View Details
Codfish IgE, AllergenAllergen, Codfish IgE; F3   YesAG59GView Details
Coenzyme Q10Coenzyme Q; Ubiquinol; Ubiquinone    CQ10View Details
Coffee IgE, AllergenAllergen, Coffee IgE; F221   YesAG171View Details
CogentinBenztropine    COGENView Details
COL1A1 and COL1A2 gDNA Testing COL1A1 and COL1A2 ; COL1A1 and COL1A2 Genomic Sequencing testing for O; Disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta Orders Must have a; OI COL1A1, COL1A2  MSOTView Details
Cold Agglutinins     COLDView Details
Collagen Cross-Linked, 24-Hour Urine Collagen Cross Linked; NTX 24 hr urine; Urine N-Telopeptide Collagen X-Link; Creatinine, Urine YesNTP24View Details
Collagen Profile 
Antinuclear Antibody Screen (ANA); Complete Blood Count (CBC) [Automated Differential; Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC)]; C-Reactive Protein (CRP); Rheumatoid Factor (RF); Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
YesCOLLView Details
Common Ragweed, IgE AllergenAllergen, Short Ragweed IgE ; American Wormwood; Annual Ragweed; Ragweed Short, IgE; Ragweed, Common; Roman Wormwood; W1   YesA108GView Details
Common Silver Birch IgE, AllergenAllergen, Common Silver Birch IgE ; Canoe Birch; Kenai Birch; Mountain Paper Birch; Paperbark Birch; T3; Western Paper Birch; White Birch   YesAG92GView Details
Complement C3 C3; C3 Complement    C3View Details
Complement C4C4; C4 Complement    C4View Details
Complement Component C1q C1Q Binding, Complement; C1Q Complement    COC1QView Details
Complement Component C2C2 Complement    COMC2View Details
Complement Component C7    MSOTView Details
Complement, TotalCH 50    COMPTView Details
Complete Blood CountCBC; CBC No Differential; Hemogram; Hemogram (CBC/No Diff) Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Mean Platelet Volume (MPV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC) YesCBCNDView Details
Complete Blood Count with DifferentialBLHEM; CBC Auto Differential; CBC with Diff; CBC with manual differential; CBC with peripheral smear; Hemogram with Differential; Manual Differential; Peripheral Smear
Automated Differential; Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Mean Platelet Volume (MPV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC) 
YesCBCWDView Details
Comprehensive Metabolic PanelChem 14; Chemistry Panel 14; CMP Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT; SGPT);  Alkaline Phosphatase; Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST; SGOT); Bilirubin, Total; Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN); Calcium (Ca); Creatinine; Electrolytes [Carbon Dioxide (CO2); Chloride (CL); Potassium (K); Sodium (Na)]; Glucose; Protein Fractionation [A/G Ratio; Albumin;Globulin; Protein, Total]  CMPView Details
Coombs, Direct by HemagglutinationDirect Antiglobulin Test; Direct Coombs    DAT1View Details
Coombs, Direct FractionationDirect Coombs Fractionated    DATFView Details
CopeptinAntidiuretic hormone; C-Terminal pro-vasopressin; CT-proAVP    MSOTView Details
Copper     COPPView Details
Copper, 24-hour Urine     COPP1View Details
Copper, RBC     CPRBCView Details
Copper, UrineCopper, Random Urine  MSOTView Details
Cord Blood Evaluation  Neonatal ABO (NABO); Neonatal Direct Coombs (NDAT); Neonatal RH (NRH)  CORD1View Details
Corn (Pollen) IgE, AllergenAllergen, Corn Pollen; Allergen-Maize Corn IgE ; Corn / Maize (Zea mays) IgE; Corn Pollen; G202; Maize Pollen YesMSOTView Details
Corn IgE, AllergenAllergen, Corn IgE ; F8; Field Corn; Indian Corn; Maize; Sweet Corn   YesAG60GView Details
Cortisol, 4 PM4 PM Cortisol    CORTPView Details
Cortisol, 8 AM8 AM Cortisol    CORTAView Details
Cortisol, FreeCortisol Free; Cortisol, Free, LC/MS/MS; Free Cortisol    CORFView Details
Cortisol, Free 24-hour UrineCortisol Free, Urine; Free Cortisol, Urine    UCOR1View Details
Cortisol, RandomTotal Cortisol    CORTView Details
Cortisol, Saliva     CORSAView Details
Cotton Seed IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cotton Seed IgE; Cottonseed; K83   YesAG178View Details
Cottonwood IgE, Allergen Allergen, Cottonwood IgE ; T14   YesAG95GView Details
CoumadinWarfarin    WARFRView Details
COVID - 19 for ISBOH OrdersCOVID-19; Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)  COVINView Details
CoVid 19, Total AntibodiesCOVID Abs; COVID, IgG; COVID-19 Serology; SARS CoV-2 Total Ab    COVTAView Details
COVID-19Coronavirus; COVID - 19 In-House ; PRMC Inpatient COVID-19; PVH Inpatient COVID-19; SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19), PCR; SARS CoV-2;    COVIDView Details
COVID-19Community Hospital COVID-19; Coronavirus; COVID - 19 In-House; PPG COVID-19; SARS CoV-2; SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19), PCR; SARS CoV-2;  COVRView Details
Cow Dander IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cow Dander IgE; Bull; Cattle; Cow; E4; Ox; Steer   YesA162GView Details
Cow Milk IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cow Milk IgE; F2   YesAG69GView Details
Coxsackie A AntibodiesCoxsackie Virus A Abs Coxsackie Antibodies A2, A4, A7, A9, A10, A16  MSOTView Details
Coxsackie B (1-6) Antibodies, SerumCoxsackie B 1-6 AB Coxsackie B 1; Coxsackie B 2; Coxsackie B 3; Coxsackie B 4; Coxsackie B 5; Coxsackie B 6  COX6View Details
Crab IgE, AllergenAllergen, Crab IgE; F23   YesAG61GView Details
Cranberry IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cranberry IgE; Bigger Cranberry; Bog Cranberry ; Bounceberry; Craneberry; F341; Fenne Berry; Marsh Whortleberry; Marshwort; Small Cranberry; Swamp Cranberry; Wild Cranberry   YesAG170View Details
CRE ScreenCarbapenem Resistance; Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae; CarbaR; Carba-R; CRE Screen, PCR; CRE Screening by PCR ; IMP; KPC; NDM; OXA48; VIM  CREView Details
C-Reactive Protein, QuantitativeCRP    CRPView Details
C-Reactive Protein, UltrasensitiveCardio CRP; Cardiophase CRP; CRP Ultrasensitive; CRP, Ultrasensitive; High Sensitive CRP; hsCRP   YesCRPS1View Details
Creatine Disorders PanelAGAT; Creatine Disorders Panel, Plasma or Serum ; GAA + Creatine; GAA and Creatine; GAMT; Guanidinoacetic Acid + Creatine; Guanidinoacetic Acid and Creatine Creatine; Guanidinoacetic Acid  MSOTView Details
Creatine KinaseCK; CPK; Creatine Kinase Total    CKView Details
Creatine Kinase Isoenzyme PanelCK Isoenzymes Creatine Kinase Isoenzeymes (CK-BB; CK-MB; CK-MM); Creatine Kinase (CK), Total  CKISOView Details
Creatine Kinase Specific for MBCKMB Creatine Kinase (CK)  CKMBView Details
Creatinine Cr Creatinine; GFR Calculation  CREATView Details
Creatinine Clearance, 24-hour UrineCrCl    UCRCLView Details
Creatinine, 24-hour Urine     UCR24View Details
Creatinine, Fluid     FCREView Details
Creatinine, Quantitative Urine Creatinine, Total Urine    UCRERView Details
Creutzfeldt-Jakob 14-3-3 Protein14-3-3 Protein, CSF; 14-3-3 Protein, Spinal Fluid; CJD; Cretuzfeld-Jakob; Protein 14-3-3    MSOTView Details
Cryofibrinogen     CRYOFView Details
Cryoglobulin (% Cryocrit)Cryoglobulin, Qualitative Reflex to %Cryocrit; Cryoglobulin, Quantitative    CRYQView Details
Cryoglobulin, QualitativeCryoglobulin    CRYGView Details
Cryptococcal AntigenCrAg; Cryptococcal Antigen Latex; Cryptococcal Antigen Screen Serum; Cryptococcal Antigen Serum Lateral Flow Assay    CRAGSView Details
Cryptococcus Antigen, CSFCrAg; CryAg; Cryptococcal Antigen CSF Lateral Flow Assay; Cryptococcal Antigen Screen; Cryptococcal Antigen Screen Spinal Fluid    CRAGCView Details
Cryptosporidium AntigenCryptosporidium Antigen, DFA  MSOTView Details
Cryptosporidium Antigen, DFA     CRYANView Details
Cryptosporidium EIA     CRYSPView Details
Crystals, Fluid     FCRYView Details
CTx Collagen Type I-CC Telopeptide; Collagen C-Telopeptide; CTx; CTx Collagen Type I C-Telopeptide   YesCCTXView Details
CU Index®†Anti IgE Receptor Antibody ; Auto Immune Chronic Urticaria Test; CU Autoantibody Signature ™; Functional Anti-FceR; Histamine Release ; IgE Receptor Ab    MSOTView Details
Cucumber IgE, AllergenAllergen, Cucumber IgE; Cowcumber; Cuke; F244; Gherkin   YesAG168View Details
Curry IgE, AllergenAllergen, Curry IgE; Curry (Santa Maria); Curry Paste; Curry Powder; F281   YesAG126View Details
Cutaneous Immunofluorescence Antibodies IgGBasement Membrane Antibodies; Bullous Lupus Erythematosis; Bullous Pemphigoid; Cicatricial Pemphigoid; CII, Serum; Circulating IgG Basement Membrane Zone Antibody; Circulating Intercellular Ab Study; Cutaneous Immfluor. Ab, S (IgG); Cutaneous Skin Ab; Epidermal Cell Surface Antibody; Epidermal Fluorescence Antibody; Epidermolysis Bullosa Acquisita; Epithelial Antibody; Herpes gestationis; IMF - Epidermal Fluorescent Ab; Indirect Immunofluorescence; Intercellular Substance Antibody; Lupus Erythematosus (LE); Paraneoplastic Pemphigus; Pemphigoid; Skin Basement Membrane Antibodies; Split-Skin Assay  MSOTView Details
Cyanide, Whole Blood   MSOTView Details
Cyclic Citrullinated PeptideAnti CCP; Anti Citrulline Antibody; Anti Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibody; CCP; CCP IgA / IgG; CCP IgA/IgG; CCP IgG / IgA; CCP IgG/IgA; Citrulline antibody; Cyclic Citric Peptide; Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibody    CCPView Details
Cyclospora and Isospora Examination   Cyclospora Examination; Isospora Examination; Concentration  CIEXView Details
CyclosporineCyclosporine A Trough    CYCSView Details
Cystatin C with Glomerular Filtration Rate, EstimatedCysC; Cystatin C; Cystatin C with Glomerular Filtration Rate, Estima; CysX  MSOTView Details
Cystic Fibrosis ScreenCF Screen; Cystic Fibrosis    CYSFView Details
Cysticercus AntibodyCysticercus Ab  MSOTView Details
Cystine, 24-hour Urine   MSOTView Details
Cystine, Quantitative Urine Cystine, Quantitative, Random Urine Cystine; Creatinine  MSOTView Details
Cytology Fluid Examination, Bronchial Brush     CSView Details
Cytology Fluid Examination, Bronchial Wash     CSView Details
Cytology Fluid Examination, CSF     CSView Details
Cytology Fluid Examination, Other     CSView Details
Cytology Fluid Examination, Sputum     CSView Details
Cytology Fluid Examination, Urine     CSView Details
Cytology PAP Smear     CSView Details
Cytology PAP Smear, Hormonal Evaluation     CSView Details
Cytomegalovirus DNA, Qualitative CMV DNA, Qualitative ; Cytomegalovirus DNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR    CMVQLView Details
Cytomegalovirus DNA, QuantitativeCMV DNA; CMV DNA Ultraquant; CMV DNA, Quantitative; Cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA, Quant RT PCR; Cytomegalovirus DNA UltraQuant; Cytomegalovirus DNA, Quantitative Real-Time PCR    CYQNTView Details
Cytomegalovirus IgG AntibodyCMV IgG    CMVGView Details
Cytomegalovirus IgG AvidityCMV IgG Avidity; Cytomegalovirus (CMV) IgG Avidity (AviDx), ELISA  MSOTView Details
Cytomegalovirus IgM AntibodyCMV IgM    CMVMView Details
Cytoplasmic Neutrophil AntibodiesANCA; ANCA Vasculitides Panel; Anti Neutrophil Cytoplasmic AB; Anti-Neutrophil AB Myeloperoxidase Antibody (Anti-MPO Ab 3); Proteinase - 3 Antibody )  PR3MPView Details
DAT with Reflex ElutionDAT W/RFLX ELU Direct Coombs; Direct Coombs by SPRCA; DAT Fractionation; Antibody Screen; Elution; Antibody Identification  DATELView Details
D-Dimer, QuantitativeDimer; FDP; Fibrin Split Products; Fibrinogen Degradation Products; FSP    DIMQ2View Details
Dehydroepiandrosterone SulfateDHEA Sulfate    DHEASView Details
Dehydroepiandrosterone, Unconjugated DHEA; DHEA, Unconjugated    DHEUView Details
Delta Aminolevulinic Acid, 24-Hour Urine ALA; Aminolevulinic Acid; D-ALA; D-Aminolevulinic Acid; Porphyria  MSOTView Details
Dengue Fever Antibodies (IgG, IgM)   Dengue Fever Antibody IgG; Dengue Fever Antibody IgM  MSOTView Details
Deoxycorticosterone11-Deoxycorticosterone; 21-Hydroxyprogesterone ; Deoxycorticosterone, LC/MS/MS; DOC  MSOTView Details
Dermatophagoides farinae IgE, AllergenAllergen, Dermatophagoides farinae IgE; D Farinae; D2   YesAG29GView Details
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus IgE, AllergenAllergen, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus IgE; D Pteronyssinus; D1   YesAG30GView Details
Dexamethasone LevelDex Level  MSOTView Details
Dexamethasone Suppression CushingsCushings; Dexamethasone Suppression for Cushings 8am Cortisol  DSTC1View Details
Dexamethasone Suppression TestDexamethasone Suppresion for Depression; DST Baseline Cortisol; 4pm Cortisol; 11pm Cortisol  DSTView Details
DiazepamValium Diazepam; Nordiazepam  DIADView Details
DiGeorge, Velocardiofacial Syndrome VCFS; CATCH 22; FISH, DiGeorge ; FISH, DiGeorge, Velocardiofacial Syndrome (VCFS)    MSOTView Details
DigitoxinCrystodigin    DIGITView Details
DigoxinLanoxin   YesDIGView Details
Dihydrotestosterone DHT; Dihydrotestosterone, LC/MS/MS    MSOTView Details
Dill IgE, AllergenAllergen, Dill IgE; F277   YesAG121View Details
Diphtheria and Tetanus Antitoxoids Former Name: Tetanus and Diptheria Toxoid IgG Anti Diphtheria Antitoxoid; Tetanus Antitoxoid  TETA1View Details
Diphtheria AntitoxoidAnti Diphtheria ; Diphtheria Toxoid IgG Antibodies; DPT Titer    TET3RView Details
DisopyramideNorpace    DISOPView Details
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation PanelDIC
Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT);  D-Dimer Quantitative; Fibrinogen; INR; Platelet Count (PLT); Prothrombin Time (PT)   
YesDIC2View Details
DNA (ds) Antibody, Crithidia with ReflexCrithidia Luciliae Substrate Assay; DNA (ds) Antibody, Crithidia IFA with Reflex to Ti; DNA Ab, Crithidia w/ Reflex Titer; Double Stranded DNA Antibody; Native DNA Antibody    DNADRView Details
DNA Antibody Anti-DNA; DNA Antibody Double Stranded; DSDNA; Native    DNABView Details
DNase-B AntibodyAntideoxyribonuclease-B Antibodies; Anti-DNase B; Group A; Strep A; Streptococcus    DNASEView Details
Dog Dander IgE, AllergenAllergen, Dog Dander IgE; Dog; Domestic Dog; E5; Hound   YesA105GView Details
DoxepinNordaxepin; Sinequan Doxepine; Nordoxepin (Desmethyldoxepin)  DOXEPView Details
DPD N-Telopeptide, 2-Hour UrineCollagen Crosslinked NTX; Collegen Cross-Linked N-Telopeptide (NTx); DPD; DPDNT; N. Telopeptide NTX; N-Telopeptide Creatinine; N-Telopeptide YesDPDTPView Details
Drug Abuse Panel 10  Amphetamines; Barbiturates; Benzodiazepines; Cocaine Metabolites; Marijuana Metabolites; Methadone; Methaqualone; Opiates; Phencyclidine; Propoxyphene,  DAP10View Details
Drug Abuse Panel 9DAS-9 ; Drug Abuse Panel 9, Serum; Drug Abuse Panel 9, with confirmations Serum Amphetamines, Barbituates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine Metabolites, Marijuana Metabolites, Methadone, Opiates, Propoxyphene, PCP (Phencyclidine)  DAS9View Details
Drug Monitoring, Opiates Expanded, Quantitative, Urine  Codeine; Hydrocodone; Hydromorphone; Morphine; Norhydrocodone; Noroxycodone; Oxycodone; Oxymorphone  MSOTView Details
Drug Monitoring, Pregabalin, Quantitative, with medMATCH, UrineLyrica; Prescription Drug Monitoring,Pain Management   YesPRGABView Details
Drug Screen  Acetaminophen; Salicilates  SDRUGView Details
Drug Screen Panel 9, Meconium   Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine metabolites, Marijuana Metabolite, Methadone, Opiates, PCP (Phencyclidine), Propoxyphene  MDSP9View Details
Drug Screen, Clinical  

Amphetamines; Barbiturates; Benzodiazepines; Cannabinoid; Cocaine; Methadone; Opiate; Oxycodone; Phencyclidine

YesUDSView Details
Drug Screen, ClinicalDrug Screen, Clinical - DeKalb

Amphetamines; Barbiturates; Benzodiazepines; Cocaine; Methamphetamines; Methadone; Opiate; Oxycodone; Phencyclidine; Propoxyphene; Tetrahydrocannabinol; Tricyclic Antidepressants

 UDSDView Details
Drug Toxicology Alcohol Metabolites, with Confirmation, Oral FluidDrug Toxicology Alcohol Metabolite, Quant, Oral Fl; Drug Toxicology Alcohol Metabolite, Quantitative,    ALCDOView Details
Drug Toxicology Amphetamines, with Confirmation, Oral FluidDrug Oral Amphetamines, Quant; DRUG ORAL, AMPHETAMINES, QNT; Drug Toxicology Amphetamines, Quantitation, Oral F Amphetamine; Methamphetamine  AMPDOView Details
Drug Toxicology Barbiturates, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid Drug Oral Barbiturates, Quant; DRUG ORAL, BARBITURATES, QNT; Drug Toxicology Barbiturates, Quantitative, Oral F; Oral Fluid, Barbiturates Amobarbital, Butalbital, Pentobarbital, Phenobarbital, Secobarbital  BARDOView Details
Drug Toxicology Benzodiazepines, with Confirmation, Oral FluidDrug Oral Benzodiazepines, Quant; DRUG ORAL, BENZODIAZEPINES, ; Drug Toxicology Benzodiazepines, Quantitative, Ora Alprazolam, Chlordiazepoxide, Clonazepam, Diazepam, Flunitrazepam, Flurazepam, Lorazepam, Midazolam, Nordiazepam, Oxazepam, Temazepam, Triazolam  BENDOView Details
Drug Toxicology Cocaine, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid Drug Oral Cocaine, Quant; DRUG ORAL, COCAINE, QNT; Drug Toxicology Cocaine, Quantitative, Oral Fluid ; Oral Fluid, Cocaine Benzoylecgonine; Cocaine  COCDOView Details
Drug Toxicology Marijuana, with Confirmation, Oral FluidDrug Oral Marijuana, Quant; DRUG ORAL, MARIJUANA, QNT; Drug Toxicology Marijuana, Quantitative, Oral Flui; Oral Fluid, Marijuana; Oral Fluid, THC THC  MARDOView Details
Drug Toxicology MDMA, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid Drug Oral MDMA, Quant; DRUG ORAL, MDMA, QNT; Drug Toxicology MDMA, Quantitative, Oral Fluid ; Oral Fluid, MDMA    MDMDOView Details
Drug Toxicology Meprobamate, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid DRUG ORAL, MEPROBAMATE, QNT; Drug Toxicology Meprobamate, Quantitative, Oral Fl; Meprobamate, Quantitative, Oral Fluid; Oral Fluid, Meprobamates Carisoprodol; Meprobamate  MEPDOView Details
Drug Toxicology Methadone, with Confirmation, Oral FluidDrug Oral Methadone, Quant; DRUG ORAL, METHADONE, QNT; Drug Toxicology Methadone, Quantitative, Oral Flui; Methadone, Quantitative, Oral Fluid ; Oral Fluid, Methadone EDDP; Methadone  METDOView Details
Drug Toxicology Monitoring 1, with Confirmation, Oral FluidDrug Monitor Oral; Drug Monitoring, Oral; Drug Oral Monitor; Drug Toxicology Monitoring 1, Quantitative, Oral F Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Buprenorphine, Cocaine, Fentanyl, Heroin Metabolite, Marijuana, MDMA, Meperidine, Meprobamate, Methadone, Nicotine Metabolite, Opiates, Phencyclidine, Propoxyphene, Tapentadol, Tramadol, Zolpidem
 DMORLView Details
Drug Toxicology Nicotine, with Confirmation, Oral FluidDrug Oral Nicotine, Quant; DRUG ORAL, NICOTINE, QNT; Drug Toxicology Nicotine, Quantitative, Oral Fluid; Nicotine, Quantitative, Oral Fluid Cotinine  NICDOView Details
Drug Toxicology Opioids, with Confirmation, Oral FluidDrug Oral Opioides, Quant; DRUG ORAL, OPIODES, QNT; Drug Toxicology Opioids, Quantitative, Oral Fluid; Oral Fluid, Opioids Buprenorphine, Fentanyl, Heroin Metabolite, Meperidine, Opiates, Propoxyphene, Tapentadol, Tramadol  OPIDOView Details
Drug Toxicology Phencyclidine, with Confirmation, Oral Fluid Drug Oral PCP; DRUG ORAL, PCP, QNT; Drug Toxicology PCP, Quantitative, Oral Fluid; Oral Fluid, PCP; PCP, Quantitative, Oral Fluid    PCPDOView Details
Drug Toxicology Zolpidem, with Confirmation, Oral FluidDrug Oral Zolpidem, Quant; DRUG ORAL, ZOLPIDEM, QNT; Drug Toxicology Zolpidem, Quantitative, Oral Fluid; Oral Fluid, Zolpidem; Zolpidem, Quantitative, Oral Fluid    ZOLDOView Details
DRVVT Screen with Reflex ConfirmationDilute Russell Viper Venom; DRVVT Screen w/Reflex; dRVVT Screen w/rfl dRVVT Confirm & dRVVT 1:1 Mix    DRVTView Details
Duck Feathers IgE, AllergenAllergen, Duck Feathers IgE; E86   YesAG3GView Details
Dwarfism PanelACH & HCH; Dwarfism Panel 3; FGFR 3 Achondroplasia (ACH); Hypochondroplasia (HCH)  MSOTView Details
D-Xylose, 1 hour SerumXylose Absorption    XYLOSView Details
D-Xylose, 5-hour UrineXylose Absorption    XYLUView Details
Eastern Equine Encephalitis IgG AntibodiesEastern Equine Encephalitis IgG Abs  MSOTView Details
Eastern Equine Encephalitis IgM AntibodiesEastern Equine IgM Abs  MSOTView Details
Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus IgG Ab, IFA   MSOTView Details
Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus IgM Antibody, IFA   MSOTView Details
Echinococcus Antibody IgG, reflex Western Blot Echinococcus Antibody (IgG), EIA with Reflex to We  MSOTView Details
Echovirus Antibody Panel  Echovirus serotypes 4, 7, 9, 11, and 30  MSOTView Details
EGFR Mutation AnalysisEGFR; Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor  PSView Details
Egg Component PanelAllergen, Egg Components Ovalbumin (f232) IgE; Ovomucoid (f233) IgE  EGGPView Details
Egg White IgE, AllergenAllergen, Egg White IgE; F1   YesA106GView Details
Egg Whole IgE, AllergenAllergen, Egg; Allergen, Egg (Yolk & White) IgE ; Allergen, Egg Whole IgE ; F245   YesA107GView Details
Egg Yolk IgE, AllergenAllergen, Egg Yolk IgE; F75   YesAG62View Details
Ehrlichia chaffeensis Antibodies, IgG & IgMEhrlichia chaffeensis Antibodies ; Ehrlichia chaffeensis Antibodies (IgG,IgM) E. chaffeensis IgG; E. chaffeensis IgM  MSOTView Details
EHS Panel  CBC with Differential [Automated Differential; Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC)], Chem 6 [Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN); Creatinine; Electrolytes [Carbon Dioxide (CO2); Chloride (CL); Potassium (K); Sodium (Na)] ], Glucose, Liver Profile [Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT); Albumin; Alkaline Phosphatase; Aspartate Transaminase (AST); Bilirubin Direct; Bilirubin, Total; Protein, Total] YesEHSPView Details
Carbon Dioxide (CO2); Chloride (CL); Potassium (K); Sodium (Na)
 LYTESView Details
Electrolytes, Feces  Chloride, Feces; Potassium, Feces; Sodium, Feces  MSOTView Details
Electrolytes, UrineLytes, Urine Chloride, Urine; Potassium (K), Urine; Sodium (Na), Urine  ULYTEView Details
Electron Microscopy, Renal BiopsyEM Renal Biopsy

Electron Microscopy Diagnosic; Electron Microscopy Scanning; Level II; Level III; Level IV; Level V; Level VI; Renal Biopsy Immunofluorescence

YesPSView Details
Electron Microscopy, TissueEM Tissue

Electron Microscopy Diagnosic; Electron Microscopy Scanning; Level II; Level III; Level IV; Level V; Level VI

YesPSView Details
Elm IgE, AllergenAllergen, Elm IgE; T8   YesAG96GView Details
Endomysial IgA Autoantibodies, Reflex to TiterAnti-Endomysial IgA; Endomysial Ab IgA    ENDOTView Details
Entamoeba histolytica Antibody IgGEntamoeba histolytica Ab IgG; Entamoeba histolytica Antibody (IgG), ELISA  MSOTView Details
Entamoeba histolytica AntigenEntamoeba histolytica Ag; Entamoeba histolytica Antigen Detection; Entamoeba histolytica Antigen, EIA    MSOTView Details
Enterovirus PanelEnterovirus Panel by CF; Enterovirus Panel, CF  MSOTView Details
Enterovirus RNA, Qualitative (Other)   ENTCSView Details
Environmental CultureCulture, Environmental    CXENVView Details
Eosinophil Nasal Smear     EOSNView Details
Eosinophil, Urine/StoolEosinophil, Other; Eosinophil, Stool; Eosinophil, Urine    EOSOView Details
Epicoccum purpurascens IgE, AllergenAllergen, Epicoccum purpurascens IgE; Epicoccum purpurascens (m14) IgE ; Epicoccum purpurascens IgE; m14  MSOTView Details
Epilepsy SCN1A Gene Mutation Analysis Generalized Epilepsy with Febrile Seizures Pluss; GEFS+SCN1A-DEL/DUP; SCN1A-MLPA  SMLPAView Details
EpinephrineEpinephrine, Plasma  MSOTView Details
Epinephrine, Urine Epinephrine Urine Random  MSOTView Details
Epstein Barr Virus Antibody IgGEBV IgG; EBV VCA (Viral Capsid Antigen) IgG ; EBV VCA IgG ; Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody IgG    EBVGView Details
Epstein Barr Virus Antibody IgMEBV IgM; EBV VCA IgM; Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody IgM    EBVMView Details
Epstein Barr Virus Basic PanelEBV Basic Panel; Epstein-Barr Virus Basic Panel Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody IgG; Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody IgM  EBVBView Details
Epstein Barr Virus Comprehensive PanelEBV Comprehensive; Epstein-Barr Virus Ab Panel; Epstein-Barr Virus Comprehensive Panel

Epstein-Barr Viral Capsid Antigen IgG Antibody; Epstein-Barr Viral Capsid Antigen IgM Antibody; Epstein-Barr Virus, Antibody to Early Ag D IgG; Epstein-Barr Virus, IgG Antibody to Nuclear Ag

 EBVPView Details
Epstein Barr Virus DNA, QualitativeEBV DNA, Qual PCR; Epstein Barr Virus DNA, Qualitative, Real-Time PCR; Epstein-Barr Virus DNA, Qualitative    EBVPCView Details
Epstein Barr Virus Early Antigen IgGEBV EA, EBV EA IgG, Early Antigen IgG ; Epstein-Barr Virus Early Antigen IgG    EBVEAView Details
Epstein Barr Virus Nuclear Antigen IgGEBNA IgG, Nuclear Antigen IgG ; Epstein-Barr Virus Nuclear Antigen IgG    EBVEBView Details
Epstein-Barr Virus DNA, QuantitativeEBV DNA QT, PCR; EBV DNA, by PCR; EBV DNA, by PCR Ultraquant; EBV DNA, Quantitative    EBVDView Details
Epstein-Barr Virus Viral Capsid Antigen (VCA) Antibody, IgA EBV Capsid IgA; Epstein-Barr Virus Viral Capsid Antigen (VCA) Anti; Epstein-Barr Virus Viral Capsid Antigen (VCA) IgA  MSOTView Details
Erythrocyte ProtoporphyrinEP; Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (EP)  MSOTView Details
Erythrocyte Sedimentation RateESR; Sed Rate; Sedimentation Rate; Westergren; WSR   YesESRView Details
Erythromycin IgE, AllergenErythromycin Allergen    AG211View Details
ErythropoietinEPO    EPOView Details
EscitalopramCelexa®; Escitalopram; Lexapro®  MSOTView Details
Estimated Glomerular Filtration RateeGFR; GFR; Glomerular Filtration Rate    GFRView Details
EstradiolE2    ESTDLView Details
Estrogen, TotalEstrogen, Total, Serum    ESTRGView Details
Estrogens, Fractionated  Estrone; Estradiol, Ultrasensitive; Estriol  MSOTView Details
EstroneE1    ESTRView Details
EthanolAlcohol; BA; Blood Alcohol Level; Ethanol; ETOH    ALCView Details
EthosuximideZarontin    ETHOSView Details
Ethylene Glycol Quantitative Antifreeze; EG; EGlycol ; ETHYL GLYC    ETGLView Details
Everolimus, Blood    MSOTView Details
Examination for Ova and Parasites in Respiratory Secretions    MSOTView Details
Extractable Nuclear Antigen AntibodiesAnti ENA(SM/RNP)Antibodies; Anti-ENA; Anti-RNP; Anti-SM; ENA Antibodies; SM and SM/RNP Antibodies; Smith (SM) / Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) Antibody Sm (Smith) IgG Autoantibodies; RNP Antibodies  ENAA1View Details
F2-Isoprostane/Creatinine RatioF2 - Isoprostane/Creatinine Ratio; F2 Isoprostane; F2-IsoPs ; IsoPF2 F2-isoprostane, Urine Creatinine  F2ICRView Details
Factor II Activity, ClottingCoag Factor II Activity, Prothrombin; Factor II Functional; Factor II, Clotting    FACT2View Details
Factor II GenotypeFactor II (Prothrombin); G20210A; Prothrombin G20210A; Prothrombin Gene Mutation; Prothrombin Mutation    FTG2View Details
Factor IX Activity, ClottingChristmas Factor; Factor IX Activity; Factor IX Assay; Hemophilia B    FACT9View Details
Factor V ActivityFactor V Assay    FACT5View Details
Factor V GenotypeFactor V Leiden; R506Q / G1691A Mutation    LEID2View Details
Factor VII ActivityFactor VII Assay    FACT7View Details
Factor VIII Activity, ClottingAnti-Hemophilia; Factor 8; Factor VIII Assay; Factor VIII Functional; Hemophilia A; Procoagulant Factor 8    FACT8View Details
Factor X ActivityFactor X Assay    FCT10View Details
Factor XI ActivityFactor XI Assay    FCT11View Details
Factor XII ActivityFactor XII Assay    FCT12View Details
Factor XIII, FunctionalFactor Testing    MSOTView Details
False Ragweed IgE, AllergenAllergen, False Ragweed IgE; Ragweed, False   YesAG39GView Details
Fatty Acid Profile, PeroxisomalC22-26; Long-Chain Fatty Acids; Peroxisomal Screen; Peroxisomal, Faty Acid Profile; Phytanic Acid; Pristanic Acid; Very Long Chain Fatty Acids; VLCFA    FAPRView Details
Fatty Acid Provile, EssentialC12-C22, Fatty Acid Profile, Essential; Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids; Triene:Tetraene Ratio  MSOTView Details
Fecal Fat, QualititativeLipids, Stool Qualitative; Sudan Stain    FEFQLView Details
Fecal Leukocyte Stain Leukocytes, Fecal  MSOTView Details
Fecal Lipids, TotalFecal Fat, Quantitative; Lipids, Stool Total Quantitative    FECLView Details
Fecal Occult Blood DiagnosticFIT Occult Blood Diagnostic; Immune Fecal Occult Blood; OCCULT BLOOD FECAL IMMUNO TEST (FIT) DIAGNOSTIC    IFOBDView Details
FelbamateFelbatol    FELBAView Details
Fentanyl and Metabolite, QuantitativeActiq; Duragesic; Fentanyl and Norfentanyl; Fentora; Instanyl; Ionsys; Onsolis; Sublimaze Fentanyl; Norfentanyl  MSOTView Details
Fentanyl ScreenPain Management, Fentanyl, with Confirmation, with; Prescription Drug Monitoring,Pain Management Fentanyl and Norfentanyl  FENSView Details
Ferritin    YesFERView Details
Fetal Fibronectin     FFNView Details
Fetal Maternal ScreenFetal Screen    FMSC1View Details
Fibrinogen Level     FIBRView Details
Fibro Panel 

Antinuclear Antibody Screen (ANA); Anti Strptolysin-O (ASO); Calcium (Ca); Chem 6 [Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN); Creatinine; Electrolytes [Carbon Dioxide (CO2); Chloride (CL); Potassium (K); Sodium (Na)]; Complete Blood Count [Automated Differential; Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC)]; Cortisol, Free 24-hr Urine; C-Reactive Protein (CRP); Creatine Kinase (CK); Epstein-Barr Virus Basic Panel [Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody IgG; Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody IgM]; Estrogen, Total; Glucose Random; HLA-B27 Antigen; Insulin - Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1 / Somatomedin C); Magnesium (Mg); Parathyroid Hormones Intact (PTH Intact); Progesterone; Protein Electrophoresis; Protein Electrophoresis 24-hr Urine; Rheumatoid Factor (RF); Sedimentation Rate (ESR); Testosterone, Total; Thyroid Profile with TSH [Free Thyroxine Index (FTI); T3 Uptake; Thyroid Stimulated Hormone (TSH); Thyroxine Total (T4)]; Uric Acid

YesFIBROView Details
Fibro Panel no Urine 

Antinuclear Antibody Screen (ANA); Anti Strptolysin-O (ASO); Calcium (Ca); Chem 6 [Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN); Creatinine; Electrolytes [Carbon Dioxide (CO2); Chloride (CL); Potassium (K); Sodium (Na)]; Complete Blood Count [Automated Differential; Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC)]; C-Reactive Protein (CRP); Creatine Kinase (CK); Epstein-Barr Virus Basic Panel [Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody IgG; Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody IgM]; Estrogen, Total; Glucose Random; HLA-B27 Antigen; Insulin - Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1 / Somatomedin C); Magnesium (Mg); Parathyroid Hormones Intact (PTH Intact); Progesterone; Protein Electrophoresis; Rheumatoid Factor (RF); Sedimentation Rate (ESR); Testosterone, Total; Thyroid Profile with TSH [Free Thyroxine Index (FTI); T3 Uptake; Thyroid Stimulated Hormone (TSH); Thyroxine Total (T4)]; Uric Acid

YesFIBNUView Details
Fine Needle Aspiration, EvaluationFNA    CSView Details
Fine Needle Aspiration, Rush FNA    CSView Details
Fire Ant IgE, AllergenAllergen, Fire Ant (Invicta) IgE; Allergen, Fire Ant IgE; I70   YesAG9GView Details
Firebush, Kochia IgE, AllergenAllergen, Firebush, Kochia IgE; W17   YesAG35GView Details
First Trimester Screen, Hyperglycosylated hCG 1st Trimester,Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18 Screen; h-hCG; Hyperglycosylated hCG (h-hCG); Invasive Trophoblast Antigen (ITA); MSS; Nuchal Translucency (NT); Pregnancy-associated Plasma Protein-A (PAPP-A) h-hCG (hyperglycosylated hCG); PAPP-A (Pregnancy-associated Plasma Protein); risk calculation which includes NT (Nuchal Translucency)  FTSOHView Details
FISH, AML M3, RARA BreakapartAML M3, RARA-BA ; FISH AML M3; Translocation 15,17  AM2FView Details
FISH, MDS/Myeloid Panel, -5/5q-, -7/7q-, +8,20q-5q33.34 (5q deletion), 7q31 (7q deletion), Trisomy; Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML); FISH, MDS/Myeloid Panel, -5/5q-, -7/7q-, +8,20q- ; MDS FISH Profile; MDS Panel (+8, -5/5q-, -7/7q-, 20q-); Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) Panel ; Myelodysplastic Syndrome FISH Profile; Myeloproliferative Disorders (MPD); Oncology FISH Analysis - MDS FISH Panel  MDSFView Details
FISH, Myeloma, 17p-, rea 14q32 with ReflexesFISH, MYELOMA FISH, Myeloma, 17p-, rea 14q32; FISH, Myeloma; Risk Assessment Panel


 FISHMView Details
FISH, Prenatal ScreenAneuploidy Screen; Aneuvysion; AneuVysion FISH; Aneuvysion, FISH; FISH, AneuVysion
Chromosome 13; Chromosome 18; Chromosome 21; Chromosome X; Chromosome Y
 MSOTView Details
FlecainideTambocor    FLECView Details
Flounder IgE, AllergenAllergen, Flounder IgE; Flounder (sas) IgE   YesAG116View Details
FLT3 ITD and TKD MutationFLT3 ITD & TKD Mutation; FLT3 ITD and TKD  FLT3AView Details
Fluid Profile  Cell Count, Fluid; Crystals, Fluid; Glucose, Fluid; pH, Fluid; Protein, Fluid; Specific Gravity, Fluid  FLPROView Details
Fluid Profile, Synovial  Cell Count: Crystals, Fluid;   FLSYNView Details
Flunitrazepam and 7-AminoflunitrazepamDate Rape Drug; Fluntrazepam; Rohypnol  MSOTView Details
Flunitrazepam and Metabolite, UrineDate Rape Drug; Fluntrazepam; Rohypnol  MSOTView Details
Fluorescent Treponemal AntibodyFTA-ABS; Treponemal Antibody    FTAView Details
FluphenazineProlixin    PROLXView Details
FolateFolic Acid; Serum Folate; Vitamin B9    FOLATView Details
Follicle Stimulating HormoneFSH    FSHView Details
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) by ECL   MSOTView Details
Food Allergy PanelAdult Food Panel; Allergen Panel Adult Food Barley; Cow Milk; Crab; Egg White; Oat; Peanut; Rye; Shrimp; Soybean; Wheat YesFP10QView Details
Food Panel 2 12003; Adult Food Allergy Panel; Allergen Panel Food 2; Food Allergy Profile Clam; Codfish; Corn; Egg White; IgE, Total; Milk; Peanut; Scallop; Sesame; Shrimp; Soybean; Walnut; Wheat YesFDP5View Details
Fragile X with ReflexFMR1; Fra (X); FRAX; Martin-Bell Syndrome; XSense®; XSense®, Fragile X with Reflex    FXSXView Details
FructosamineGlycated Protein; Glycated Serum Protein; GSP   YesFRUCView Details
Fungal AntibodiesFungal Ab Panel by CF; Fungal Antibodies [CF]; Fungal Antibody Screen CF, Serum ; Fungal Panel by CF; Fungal Panel by Complement Fixation; Fungal Titers [CF] Blastomyces Antibodies; Coccidioides Antibodies; Yeast Phase Antibody; Mycelial Phase Antibody  MSOTView Details
Fungal Culture, OtherCulture, Fungal Other; Fungus Culture Other Fungal Smear  CXFUNView Details
Fungal Immunodiffusion Panel  Aspergillus Antibody [Aspergillus flavus; Aspergillus fumigtus; Aspergillus Niger]; Candida sp. Antibodies, ID; Fungal Antibody Screen CF; Histoplasma CF Abs (Mycelia Abs & Yeast Abs)  FIMMPView Details
Fungal Smear Skin, Hair and NailsKOH    KOHSHView Details
Fungal Smear, OtherKOH    KOHView Details
Fungitell (R) (1-3) -B-D-Glucan AssayFungitell-Glucan Assay    FUNTLView Details
Fungus Culture, BloodCulture, Fungus Blood; Fungal Blood Culture    CXBFUView Details
Fungus Culture, Skin, Hair and NailsCulture, Fungus Skin, Hair and Nails Fungal Smear  CXFNSView Details
GabapentinNeurontin    GABPView Details
Galactose-1-Phosphate, ErythrocytesGal1P; Gal-1-P; Galactokinase; Galactose-1-Phosphate; Galactose-1-Phosphate, RBC; Galactosemia    MSOTView Details
Gamma-Glutamyl TransferaseGGT; GGTP   YesGGTView Details
Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate Acid Screen, UrineDate Rape Drug; GHB  GHAView Details
Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid Screen, UrineGamma-Hydroxybutyrate; GHB ; Sodium Oxybate; Xyrem    GHAView Details
Ganglioside GM-1 Antibodies, IgG and IgMGanglioside Auto Abs; Ganglioside GM-1 Antibodies (IgG and IgM), EIA ; GM-1 Ab IgG & IgM GM-1 Ab IgG; GM-1 Ab IgM  MSOTView Details
Garlic IgE, AllergenAllergen, Garlic IgE; F47   YesAG63View Details
Gastrin     GASTRView Details
Gastroccult  Gastric Occult Blood; pH  GASRView Details
Gastrointestinal PanelBioFire Film Array GI Panel; Diarrhea Panel; Gastrointestinal Panel Biofire; GI Pathogens by PCR Adenoviurs F 40/41; Astrovirus; Campylobacter; Cryptosporidium; Cyclospora cayetanensis; E. coli (EAEC; EPEC; ETEC; STEC; EIEC); Entamoeba histolytica; Giardia lamblia; Norovirus GI/GII; Plesiomonas shigelloides; Rotavirus A; Sapovirus (I, II, IV, and V); Salmonella; Shiga Toxin-producing E.coli; Vibrio/Vibrio cholerae; Yersinia enterocolitica;  GIBIOView Details
GC and Chlamydia, RNA, UrogenitalGC and Chlamydia RNA, TMA, Urogen; GC and Chlamydia, RNA, TMA, Urogenital  Chlamydia trachomatis, RNA; Neisseria gonorrhoeae, RNA  GCCHQView Details
GC Screen     CXGONView Details
General Health Panel  CBC with Differential [Automated Differential; Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC)]; Comprehensive Metabolic Profile [Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT; SGPT); Albumin; Alkaline Phosphorus; Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST; SGOT); Bilirubin, Total; Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN); Calcium (Ca); Creatinine; Electrolytes [Carbon Dioxide (CO2); Chloride (CL); Potassium (K); Sodium (Na)]; Glucose; Protein, Total]; Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) YesGHP1View Details
Genetic ScreenUrine Metabolic Screen Amino Acid; Organic Acid  GENETView Details
Genital Culture, FemaleCulture, Genital Female; GU Culture, Female; Vaginal Culture Genital Culture; Gram Stain; Wet Prep  CXGENView Details
Genital Culture, MaleCulture, Genital Male; GU Culture, Male Genital Culture; Gram Stain  CXGUMView Details
Gentamicin, PeakGaramycin    GENTPView Details
Gentamicin, RandomGaramycin    GENTRView Details
Gentamicin, TroughGaramycin    GENTTView Details
Giant Ragweed IgE, AllgergenAllergen, Giant Ragweed IgE; Ragweed Giant, IgE; W3   YesAG40GView Details
Giardia - Cryptosporidium EIAOva and Parasite Screen Cryptosporidium EIA; Giardia EIA  OVAPView Details
Giardia EIA     GIARDView Details
Ginger IgE, AllergenF270; Ginger IgE, Allergen; Ginger Root ; Green (Fresh) Ginger   YesAG124View Details
Gliadin Antibody PanelAnti-Gliadin; Gliadin Antibody IgA & IgG Gliadin IgA; Gliadin IgG  GLAGView Details
Gliadin IgAAnti-Gliadin IgA; Gliadin Antibody IgA    GLAView Details
Gliadin IgGAnti-Gliadin IgG; Gliadin Antibody IgG    GLGView Details
Glomerular Basement Membrane Antibody IgGAnti GBM; Anti-GBM; GBM; Goodpasture Disease Antibody    GMBASView Details
Glucagon     GLUCOView Details
GlucoseBlood Sugar; Fasting Blood Sugar; FBS; Random Blood Sugar; RBS   YesGLUView Details
Glucose 1 hour postGlucose Prenatal 1 hour post 1 hour Glucose  GLOB1View Details
Glucose Diabetes Screening2 hour Glucose Tolerance Test w/out 1 hour; 2 hour GTT w/out 1 hour; Diabetes Screening 2 hour Glucose; Fasting Glucose YesGTTDMView Details
Glucose Post Prandial    YesGLPPView Details
Glucose Prenatal, 3 hour3 hour Prenatal GTT; Gestational Diabetes 3 hour Tolerance; Glucose Prenatal, 3 hour Tolerance 1 hour Glucose; 2 hour Glucose; 3 hour Glucose; Fasting Glucose  GLB3View Details
Glucose Tolerance Test, 2 hour2 hour GTT 1 hour Glucose; 2 hour Glucose; Fasting Glucose  GTT2View Details
Glucose Tolerance Test, 3 hour3 hour GTT 1 hour Glucose; 2 hour Glucose; 3 hour Glucose; Fasting Glucose  GTT3View Details
Glucose Tolerance Test, 4 hour4 hour GTT 1 hour Glucose; 2 hour Glucose; 3 hour Glucose; 4 hour Glucose; Fasting Glucose  GTT4View Details
Glucose Tolerance Test, 5 hour5 hour GTT 1 hour Glucose; 2 hour Glucose; 3 hour Glucose; 4 hour Glucose; 5 hour Glucose; Fasting Glucose  GTT5View Details
Glucose, 24-hour Urine     UGL24View Details
Glucose, 4 PM4 PM Glucose   YesGLU4PView Details
Glucose, CSFCSF Glucose; Glucose, Cerebrospinal Fluid    CFGLUView Details
Glucose, FluidGlucose Fluid    FGLUView Details
Glucose, UrineUrine, Glucose    UGLUView Details
Glucose-6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase, QuantitativeG-6-PD    G6PDView Details
Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase AutoantibodiesAnti-GAD; GAD; GAD-65; Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Autoabs; Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase-65 Ab; Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase-65 Antibody  GLUT1View Details
Gluten IgE, AllergenAllergen, Gluten IgE; F79   YesAG64View Details
GlycohemoglobinA1C; Glyco; Glycosylated Hemoglobin; HbA1C; Hemoglobin A1C; Hemoglobin with MPG Estimated Average Glucose (eAG); Glycohemoglobin (HbA1C) YesGLYC1View Details
Goldenrod IgE, AllergenAllergen, Goldenrod IgE; W12   YesAG34GView Details
Gonococcal AntibodiesNeisseria gonorrhoeae Antibody, CF    GONOCView Details
Goose Feathers IgE, AllergenAllergen, Goose Feathers IgE; E70   YesAG4GView Details
Goosefoot, Lambs Quarters IgE, AllergenAllergen, Goosefoot, Lambs Quarters IgE,; Lambs Quarters; W10   YesAG36GView Details
Gram Stain     GRAMView Details
Grape IgE, AllergenAllergen, Grape IgE; F259   YesAG181View Details
Grapefruit IgE, AllergenAllergen, Grapefruit IgE; F209; Shaddock   YesAG207View Details
Green Bean IgE, Allergen Common bean; F315; French bean; Green bean; Haricot bean; Snap bean; String bean ; Wax bean   YesAG200View Details
Green Pepper IgE, AllergenF263; Green Bell Pepper; Green Bell Pepper (Unripe Seed)   YesAG183View Details
Gross and Microscopic Exam 

Level II; Level III; Level IV; Level V; Level VI

 PSView Details
Gross and Microscopic Exam, Frozen Section 

Frozen Section Single Specimen; Frozen Section Additional Specimen; Level II; Level III; Level IV; Level V; Level VI

 PSView Details
Gross ExamLevel 1    PSView Details
Group A Strep Culture Strep A    CXGRAView Details
Group B StrepGBS    GBDNAView Details
Guinea Pig Epithelium IgE, AllergenAllergen, Guinea Pig Epithelium IgE; Cavy; E6   YesAG155View Details
Haemophilus influenzae B Antibody IgGH. influenzae Antibody; Haemophilus influenza Type b Antibody (IgG); Haemophilus influenzae B IgG Ab; Haemophilus influenzae b Vaccine Response; HIB (Haemophilus influenzae Type B) Vaccine Respon    HITBView Details
Halibut IgE, AllergenAllergen, Halibut IgE; F303   YesAG114View Details
HaloperidolHaldol    HALOPView Details
Hantavirus Antibody (IgG, IgM) Hantavirus Renal and Pulmonary  MSOTView Details
Haptoglobin     HAPTView Details
Hazel IgE, AllergenAllergen, Hazel IgE; Corylaceae; T4   YesAG177View Details
Hazel Nut IgE, AllergenAllergen, Hazel Nut IgE; Cob; Cobnut; F17; Filbert; Hazelnut   YesAG65GView Details
hCG Tumor MarkerCG (Chorionic Gonadotropin); Chorionic Gonad, Beta-Subunit QN, Serum; Chorionic Gonadotropin Subunit HCG; Chorionic Gonadotropin, Beta-Subunit (Quantitative; Gonadotropins, Chorionic; HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) (Tumor Marker); Hcg Quantitative; hCG, Beta Subunit (Chorionic Gonad); hCG, Total QN; HCG,B-SUBUNIT(S); Human Chorionic Gonadotropins; Soft-HCGB   YesHCGTMView Details
HDN Antibody Screen     HDNView Details
HE4, Ovarian Cancer MonitoringHuman Epididymis Protein 4  MSOTView Details
Heavy Metals PanelHeavy Metals Panel (Blood); Heavy Metals Panel (Venous) Arsenic; Lead; Mercury  HVWB1View Details
Heavy Metals Panel with Cadmium, UrineHeavy Metal Random Urine; Heavy Metals Panel with Cadmium, Random Urine; Heavy Metals Panel, Random Urine Arsenic Random Urine; Cadmium Random Urine; Creatinine Random Urine; Lead Random Urine; Mercury Random Urine  MSOTView Details
Heavy Metals Panel, 24-hour UrineFormer Name: Heavy Metal Screen, 24-hour Urine Arsenic 24 hour Urine; Lead 24 hour Urine; Mercury 24 hour Urine  UH24View Details
Heinz Body Stain    MSOTView Details
Helicobacter pylori AntibodyH Pylori IgA; H Pylori IgG; H Pylori IgM; H. Pylori IgA; H. Pylori IgG; H. Pylori IgM; Helicobacter pylori Antibody, IgG Qualitative; H-Pylori IgG    XXXXXView Details
Helicobacter pylori Antigen StoolH Pylori Stool Antigen; H. Pylori Stool Antigen; H-Pylori Stool Antigen    HPSTView Details
Helicobacter pylori Antigen, Pediatric 3-17 yearsBreath Test; H pylori; H pylori Breath, Peds; H. pylori; H. pylori Breath, Peds; UBiT; Urea Breath Test    HPPEDView Details
Helicobacter pylori, Culture with Reflex to SusceptibilityH pylori, culture with reflex to susceptibility; H. pylori, culture with reflex to susceptibility  MSOTView Details
Helicobacter pylori, Gastric Biopsy Urease TestCLO Test; CloTest; Gastric Biopsy for Helicobacter Pylori; Gastric Biopsy for H-Pylori; H pylori; H. pylori; H-pylori    CLOView Details
Helminthosporium Halodes IgE, AllergenAllergen, Helminthosporium Halodes IgE; M8; Setomelanomma rostrata/Helminthosporium halodes   YesA133GView Details
Helminthosporium sativum/drecshlera IgE, AllergenAllergen, Helminthosporium sativum/drecshlera IgE   YesMSOTView Details
HematocritHCT   YesHCTView Details
Hematocrit, FluidHCT, Fluid   YesFHCTView Details
Hematocrit, MicroHematocrit Micro   YesMHCTView Details
HemochromatosisC282Y; Hemochrom HFE Gene Analysis; Hereditary Hemochromatosis DNA Mutation Analysis ; HFE; HH63D; HLA-H    HHDNAView Details
HemoglobinHGB   YesHGBView Details
Hemoglobin A2, Quantitative A2 Column  MSOTView Details
Hemoglobin and HematocritH & H; H&H Hematocrit (HCT); Hemoglobin (HGB) YesHHView Details
Hemoglobin ElectrophoresisElectrophoresis, HGB; HGB Electrophoresis Hemoglobin A1-A3; Hemoglobin A2; Hemoglobin F; Hemoglobin Other; Hemoglobin S; Pathology Interpretation  HGBELView Details
Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Cascade Alpha Globin Variant; A2 Hemoglobin; Barts Hemoglobin; Beta Globin Variant; Beta-Thalassemia; Fetal Hemoglobin; fetaldex (Hemoglobin F); Hemoglobin A2; Hemoglobin Cascade; Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Cascade Level 1; Hemoglobin F; Hemoglobin Mass Spec Studies; Hemoglobin Molecular studies; Hemoglobin S, quant; Hemoglobin Variant; Hemoglobin-H Disease; HGB (Hemoglobin) Electrophoresis; Isoelectric Focusing; Sickling Test YesMSOTView Details
Hemoglobin, UrineBlood Urine; Hemoglobin Blood    UBLDView Details
Hemosiderin Stain, Urine      MSOTView Details
Hepatitis A Antibody, TotalHAV Antibody; HAV Total    HEPAMView Details
Hepatitis A Antibody, Total with reflex IgM HAV Reflex IgM; Hep A w/rflx to IgM Hepatitis A Antibody IgM; Hepatitis A Antibody Total YesHEPTMView Details
Hepatitis A IgM AntibodyHAV IgM   YesHAVView Details
Hepatitis B Core Antibody IgMHBcAb   YesHBCABView Details
Hepatitis B Core Total AntibodyHBCOR   YesHBCORView Details
Hepatitis B Surface AntibodyHBsAb; HBsAb, Quantitative Hepatitis B Surface Antibody, Quantitative; Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Interpretation YesHBAB1View Details
Hepatitis B Surface Antibody, Quantitation Hep B Surface Ab, Quant; Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Immunity, Quantitativ  MSOTView Details
Hepatitis B Surface AntigenHBsAg   YesHBSAGView Details
Hepatitis B Viral DNA, QuantitativeHepatitis B Virus DNA, Quantitative, Real-Time PCR; Hepatitis B Virus Quant DNA    HBVDNView Details
Hepatitis B Virus Core Total Antibodies with reflex IgM  Hepatitis B Core Antibody IgM; Hepatitis B Core Ab Total  MSOTView Details
Hepatitis Be AntibodyHBeAb   YesHBEABView Details
Hepatitis Be AntigenHBeAg; Hepatitis B early Antigen   YesHBEAGView Details
Hepatitis C AntibodyAnti HCV; HCV; HCV Screen; Hep C; HEP C IGG; Hepatitis C Antibody IgG   YesHEPC3View Details
Hepatitis C Viral RNA Genotype 1 NS3 Drug ResistanceBoceprevir Resistance; HCV NS3; NS3 Protease Mutations; NS3 Subtype,HCV; Q80K Polymorphism; Simeprevir Resistance; Telaprevir Resistance    HCN53View Details
Hepatitis C Viral RNA Genotype 1 NS5a Drug Resistance  HCV NS5a Subtype; Daclatasvir Resistance; Ledipasvir Resistance; Ombitasvir Resistance  MSOTView Details
Hepatitis C Viral RNA Genotype 1 NS5a Drug ResistanceHCV Genotype 1 NS5a; HCV Gentotype 1 NS5A HCV NS5a Subtype; Daclatasvir Resistance; Ledipasvir Resistance; Ombitasvir Resistance  HCV5AView Details
Hepatitis C Viral RNA Genotype 1 NS5b Drug Resistance  HCV NS5b Subtype, Sofosbuvir Resistance  MSOTView Details
Hepatitis C Viral RNA Genotype 1 NS5b Drug ResistanceHCV Genotype1 NS5B; NS5b Drug Resistance; Sofosbuvir Resistance HCV NS5b Subtype, Sofosbuvir Resistance  HC15BView Details
Hepatitis C Viral RNA Genotype 3 NS5a Drug Resistance   MSOTView Details
Hepatitis C Viral RNA Genotype 3 NS5a Drug Resistance HCV Genotype 3 NS5a; HCV RNA Genotype 3 NS5A DRG RES    3GENAView Details
Hepatitis C Viral RNA, GenotypeHCV Genotype, LiPA ; HCV SubtypR; Hep C Virus Subtype ; Hepatitis C DNA PCR Quantitative w/reflex TMA; Hepatitis C Genotype; Hepatitis C Viral Genotype by LIPA; Hepatitis C Viral RNA, Genotype; Hepatitis C Virus SubtypR®    HSUBView Details
Hepatitis C Viral RNA, QuantitativeHepatitis C Viral RNA, Quantitative, Real-Time PCR    HPCQNView Details
Hepatitis C Viral, RNA QualitativeHEP C QUAL BY RNA, TMA; Hepatitis C Viral RNA, Qualitative, TMA    HCQLTView Details
Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) FibroSure®ActiTest; FibroSURE® HCV; FibroTest; FibroTest-ActiTest Panel; HCV FibroSURE®; LIver Fibrosis; Liver Fibrosis, FibroTest-ActiTest Panel; Was: HCV FibroSure Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT); Alpha-2-Macroglobin; Apolipoprotein A1; Bilirubin, Total; Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT); Haptoglobin; Fibrosis Score; Necroinflammat Act Score YesACTIView Details
Hepatitis D Virus IgM AntibodyHDV; Hep D IgM; Hepatitis D Virus (HDV) IgM Ab; Hepatitis D Virus (HDV) IgM Antibody, EIA  MSOTView Details
Hepatitis E Antibodies IgG, IgMHepatitis E Abs ; Hepatitis E Antibodies  MSOTView Details
Hepatitis Immunity PanelHepatitis B Immunity Panel
Hepatitis B Core Antibody Total (HBCOR); Hepatitis B Surface Antibody (HBsAb)
YesHEPIMView Details
Hepatitis Panel Acute Hepatitis Panel
Hep A Virus IgM Antibody (HAV-IgM); Hep B Core IgM Antibody (HBcAb); Hep B Surface Antigen (HBsAg); Hepatitis C IgG (HCV); Interpretation
YesHEP3View Details
Herpes Select 1 & 2 IgG AntibodiesHerpes IgG; Herpes Type 1 & 2 Specific IgG Abs; Herpeselect; HSV IgG 1 & 2    HERSView Details
Herpes simplex / Varicella-zoster Virus Culture / Dif   MSOTView Details
Herpes Simplex Viral Culture with Reflex to Typing Herpes CX; Herpes Simplex Viral Culture  MSOTView Details
Herpes Simplex Virus 1 & 2 Herpes Simplex 1+2 by DNA Amplification; Herpes Simplex, HSV 1+2, Molecular Herpes Assay; HSV-1 & HSV-2 Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1); Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2);  HSDNAView Details
Herpes Simplex Virus 1 & 2 Antigen Detection Herpes Simplex Virus 1 & 2 Antigen Detection [DFA]; Herpes Simplex Virus Ag by DFA Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1; Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2  MSOTView Details
Herpes Simplex Virus 1 IgG, Type Specific AntibodyHerpeSelect; HSV IgG; HSV Type 1 IgG  MSOTView Details
Herpes Simplex Virus 2 IgG, Type-Specific Antibody HerpeSelect; HSV IgG; HSV Type 2 IgG  MSOTView Details
Herpes Simplex Virus Culture Herpes Simplex Virus Culture, Rapid Method    HRVCView Details
Herpes Simplex Virus Culture reflex to TypingHerpes Condaloma Cx Tissue  MSOTView Details
Herpes Simplex Virus DNA UltraRapid, CSFHerpes Simplex Virus, Type 1 and 2 DNA, Quantitati; HSV DNA Ultra Rapid CSF; HSV, 1 AND 2 DNA, QUANT PCR Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1 DNA; Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 2 DNA  HSVQNView Details
Herpes Simplex Virus Types 1 / 2 IgM Antibody with Reflex to TiterHerpes Simplex Virus Serum,Herpes 1/2 IgM HSV 1 IgM; HSV 2 IgM  HSVTView Details
Herpes Simplex Virus, Type 1 and 2 DNA, QualitativeHerpes Simplex Virus, Type 1 and 2 by PCR ; Herpes Simplex Virus, Type 1 and 2 DNA, Qualitativ  MSOTView Details
Herpesvirus-6 Human IgG and IgM AntibodiesHHV 6 IgG and IgM Herpesvirus-6 Human IgG Antibodies; Herpesvirus-6 Human IgM Antibodies  HER6View Details
Herpesvirus-6 Human IgG Antibodies, CSFHHV6 IgG; HHV6, CSF  MSOTView Details
Hexagonal Phase Confirmation   MSOTView Details
High Density LipoproteinHDL   YesHDLView Details
HistamineHistamine, Whole Blood  MSOTView Details
HistamineHistamine, Plasma    HISTBView Details
Histamine, 24-hour UrineHistamine, Urine    HSTURView Details
Histone Antibody     HISTNView Details
Histoplasma Antibodies, IgG and IgMHistoplasma Antibodies, IgG and IgM by EIA; Histoplasma Antibody, IgG and IgM by EIA; MVista® HISTOPLASMA ANTIBODY IgG IgM EIA  MSOTView Details
Histoplasma AntibodyHistoplasma Antibody, CF; Histoplasma Antibody, Complement Fixation Histoplasma Mycelia; Histoplasma Yeast  HISTOView Details
Histoplasma Antibody PanelHistoplasma Antibody Panel, CF and ID Histoplasma Antibody, Complement Fixation, Serum; Histoplasma Antibody, Immunodiffusion, Serum  HCFIDView Details
Histoplasma Antibody, CSF Histoplasma, CSF (CF)  MSOTView Details
Histoplasma Antibody, IgG / IgMHistoplasma AB IgG IgM EIA; Histoplasma Antibody, IgG & IgM; MVista® HISTOPLASMA ANTIBODY IgG IgM EIA    HISABView Details
Histoplasma Antigen Quantitative, Urine     UHIS2View Details
Histoplasma Antigen, QuantitativeHistoplasma Ag; Histoplasma Ag Quantitative EIA; Histoplasma Antigen; MVista® Histoplasma Ag Quantitative EIA    SHISGView Details
HIV 1 & 2 AntibodyHIV 1 / 2 with reflex to confirmation assay; HIV 1/2, 4th generation ; Human Immunodeficiency Virus Antibody HIV 1 Antibody; HIV 2 Antibody YesHIV1View Details
HIV 1 DNA, QualitativeHIV-1 DNA, Qualitative    HVPC1View Details
HIV RapidRapid HIV HIV 1 Antibody; HIV 2 Antibody YesHIVRView Details
HIV-1 GenotypeHIV Genotype; HIV Genotype Plus; Reverse Trans and Prot Inhibitor    HIVGView Details
HIV-1 Genotype (RTI, PI, Integrase Inhibitors)   HIVGEView Details
HIV-1 Integrase GenotypeElvitegravir; HIV Integrase Genotype; HIV-1 Integrase Mutations; HIV-1 Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitor; Isentress (Raltegravir, MK-0518) Resistance; MK-0518; Raltegravir    HIVIView Details
HIV-1 Resistance, Proviral DNA (RTI, PI, Integrase Inhibitors)Archived DNA; Archived resistance; Cell-associated Viral DNA; ndetected viral load; Resistance Analysis  MSOTView Details
HIV-1 RNA, QuantitativeHIV Viral Load; HIV-1 RAN, Quant, RT PCR; HIV-1 RNA, Quantitative, Real-Time PCR; Replaced HIV-1 RNA by bDNA Quant   YesRTPCRView Details
HIV-1 RNA, Quantitative RNA PCR, with Reflex to HIV-1 GenotypeHIV-1 Viral Load with Reflex YesMSOTView Details
HIV-1/2 Antibody DifferentiationMultiSpot Kit HIV 1 Antibody; HIV 2 Antibody YesHVABView Details
HLA - B27 AntigenAnkylosing Spondylitis; HLA-B27    HLABView Details
HLA DQ2/DQ8Celiac Genetics; HLA-DQ2 ; HLA-DQ8 Haplotypes    HDQ28View Details
HLA DR1/3/4/5, DQ Intermediate Resolution   MSOTView Details
HLA DR4HLA-DR4, Flow Cytometry  MSOTView Details
HLA-B*5701 TypingHLA - B 5701 Type; HLA B 5701 Type; HLA-b 5701; HLA-B 5701 Type    H5701View Details
HLA-DRB3,4,5 Low Resolution   MSOTView Details

SHH (sonic hedgehog); SIX3 ( homolog of Drosophila So); TGIF (TG-interacting factor); ZIC2 (homolog of Drosophila Opa) 

 MSOTView Details
Homocysteine    YesHCYS1View Details
Homovanillic Acid, Urine Homovanillic Acid (HVA), Random Urine ; HVA, Urine Creatinine, Homovanillic Acid  MSOTView Details
Honey, IgE AllergenAllergen, Honey IgE; F247; Flower Honey; Forest Honey   YesAG197View Details
Honeybee Venom IgE, AllergenAllergen, Honeybee IgE; Honeybee Venom; I1   YesAG110View Details
Horse Dander IgE, AllergenAllergen, Horse Dander IgE; E3   YesAG5GView Details
House Dust - Hollister Stier IgE, AllergenAllergen-House Dust-Hollister Stier ; H2; House Dust - Holl IgE   YesA160GView Details
House Dust-Greer IgE, AllergenAllergen, House Dust-Greer IgE; H1; House Dust (Greer Labs)   YesAG31GView Details
HPV mRNA E6/E7E6/E7; Hologic; TMA    HPV67View Details
HPV mRNA E6/E7 with Reflex to HPV Genotypes 16, 18/45E6/E7; Hologic; TMA w/ Reflex    HPVREView Details
HPV, DNA Low/High RiskDigene; HPV; HPV Digene; Human Papillomavirus    DIGENView Details
hsCRPCardio IQ® hs-CRP  HSCRPView Details
HSP-70 Antibody68 kd Ag; 68 kd Antigen; 68 Kilodalton Antigen; Anti-68 kd Antigen; Hearing Loss Ab; Heat Shock Protein 70; Meniere's Disease; Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL)  MSOTView Details
HTLV I/II Antibody, w/Reflex to Confirmatory AssayHTLV I/II Antibody, w/Reflex to Western Blot; HTLV I/II reflex to WB; HTLV I/II W/REFLEX WB HTLV-I/-II Antibody; HTLV I/II, Western Blot YesHTLVPView Details
Hu Antibody Screen with Reflex to Titer and Western Blot ANNA-1; HU Ab; HU Antibody; Neuronal Ab  MSOTView Details
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Qualitative hCG Qualitative; Pregnancy Screen; Pregnancy Test    PRS1View Details
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Qualitative Reflex HCG QuantitativeHCG Qualitative reflex HCG Quantitative ; Pregnancy Serum Reflex Quant; Pregnancy Test reflex HCG Quantitative   YesPRSRView Details
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Qualitative UrinehCG Qualitative, Urine; Pregnancy Test, Urine; Urine Pregnancy, Qualitative    UHCG2View Details
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, QuantitativeBeta hCG; hCG Quantitative   YesHCG1View Details
Human Growth HormoneGrowth Hormone (GH); HGH    HGHView Details
Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 (HIV-1) GenoSure Archive®Cell-associated Viral DNA; HIV-1 Genotype; Resistance Analysis  MSOTView Details
Human Platelet Antigen 1 GenotypeHPA-1a(PLA Plt Ag) Genotype    MSOTView Details
Humoral Immune Eval 14HISS Panel; Humoral Immune Eval 14; Humoral Immune Evaluation; Humoral Immune Evaluation (Pneumo 14); Humoral Immune Status; Streptococcus pneumoniae IgG Ab (14 Sero), MAID; Streptococcus pneumoniae IgG Ab Panel (14 Se Diphtheria Toxoid IgG Antibodies; Serotypes 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 (9N), 12 (12F), 14, 19 (19F), 23 (23F), 26 (6B), 51 (7F), 56 (18C), 68 (9V); Tetanus Toxoid IgG Antibodies  HISSView Details
Huntington Disease Mutation Analysis    MSOTView Details
Hydrocodone & Hydromorphone, Confirmation/Quantitation - Police Requested     PHYDCView Details
Hydrocodone and Metabolite Hydromorphone, Serum Hydrocodone Free Serum; Hydromorphone Free Serum  MSOTView Details
Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid5HIAA, 24-hour Urine; Serotonin, 24-hour Urine    5HIA1View Details
Hyper Alimentation PanelHyperal
Calcium (Ca); Electrolytes [Carbon Dioxide (CO2); Chloride (CL); Potassium (K); Sodium (Na)]; Magnesium (Mg); Phosphorus (Phos)
YesHYPALView Details
Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Screen   Aspergillus; Candidus Antibody; Hypersensitivity Pheumonitis; Nocardia Antibody; Pigeon Serum Antibody; Viridis Streptococcal Antibody; Vulgaris Streptococcus Antibody  HYPENView Details
HypochondroplasiaHCH  HCPXView Details
IDH1 & IDH2 Mutation AnalysisIDH1 Mutation Analysis; IDH2 Mutation Analysis IDH1 Mutation Analysis; IDH2 Mutation Analysis  PSView Details
IGF Binding Protein-3 IGBP3; IGFBP 3; IGFBP-3; Insulin Growth Factor 3; Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein    IGF3View Details
IgG Synthesis Rate/Index, CSF IgG Synthesis Rate; IgG Synthesis Rate, CNS Index Albumin; Albumin CSF;  CSF IgG Index, CSF Synthesis Rate IgG; IgG Total; IgG CSF  MSOTView Details
ImipramineDesipramine; Janimine; Tofranil    IMIPRView Details
Immune ComplexC1Q    C1QBNView Details
Immunofixation ElectrophoresisIFE; SIEP; SIEP w/ SPEP

IFE for IgA; IFE for IgG; IFE for IgM; IFE for Kappa; IFE for Lambda; Pathology Interpretation; Protein Fractions [Albumin, Alpha-1 Globulin, Alpha-2 Globulin, Beta Globulin, Gamma Globulin]; Total Protein, Serum

 IFESView Details
Immunofixation Electrophoresis, 24-hour UrineAmyloid MPSU; IFE, Urine 24hr IFE for IgA; IFE for IgG; IFE for IgM; IFE for Kappa; IFE for Lambda; Pathology Interpretation; Protein Fractions [Albumin, Alpha-1 Globulin, Alpha-2 Globulin, Beta Globulin, Gamma Globulin]; Total Protein, Urine 24-hr  UIF1View Details
Immunofixation Electrophoresis, Random UrineIFE, Random Urine IFE for IgA; IFE for IgG; IFE for IgM; IFE for Kappa; IFE for Lambda; Pathology Interpretation; Protein Fractions [Albumin, Alpha-1 Globulin, Alpha-2 Globulin, Beta Globulin, Gamma Globulin] Total Protein, Urine Random  URIFView Details
Immunoglobulin A SubclassesIgA Subclasses IgA1, IgA2, Total IgA  MSOTView Details
Immunoglobulin A, QuantitativeIgA; IgA, Total; Immunoglobulin A; Total IgA    IGAView Details
Immunoglobulin E, QuantitativeIGE; IgE, Total; Immunoglobulin E; Total IgE    IGEView Details
Immunoglobulin G Subclasses PanelIgG Subclass 1, 2, 3, & 4; IgG Subclasses and Total IgG; IgG Subclasses Panel IgG Subclass 1; IgG Subclass 2; IgG Subclass 3; IgG Subclass 4; IgG Total  IGGSBView Details
Immunoglobulin G, CSFIgG, CSF; Immunoglobulin G, Cerebrospinal Fluid    CFIGGView Details
Immunoglobulin G, QuantitativeIgG; IgG, Total; Immunoglobulin G; Total IgG    IGGView Details
Immunoglobulin M, QuantitativeIgM; IgM, Total; Immunoglobulin M; Total IgM    IGMView Details
Immunoglobulins, TotalQIG; QSI; Quantitative Serum Immunoglobulins
Immunoglobulin A (IgA); Immunoglobulin G (IgG); Immunoglobulin M (IgM)
 IMGQView Details
Immunoperoxidase Stains  BCL-2; BER-H2 (CD30: Ki-1); Calretin; CD3 (T-Cell); CD5; CD10; CD34; CD43 (T-Cell); CD117 (C-Kit); CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen); Chromogranin A; CK8 (LMW Keratin); CK20; CK903 (HMW Keratin); EMA (Epithelial Membrane Antigen); ER (Estrogen Receptor); GFAP (Glial Firillary Acidic Protein); HMB45; HER-2-NEU (c-erbB2); Keratin (Pan-Keratine:  AE1: AE3); L26 (B-Cell: CD20); LCA (Leukocyte Common Antigen: CD45); LEU-M1 (CD15); Mart-1 (Melan A); Myeloperoxidase; NSE (Neuron Specific Enolase); PR (Progesterone Receptor: PgR636); PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen); PTS (Prostate Triple Stain); S-100a (S-100); SMA (Smooth Muscle Actin); SNAP (Synaptophysin); TTF-1; UCHL-1 (CD45RO: T-Cell); Vimentin YesPSView Details
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Differentiation PanelIBD Panel  MSOTView Details
Inflammatory Group 1  Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA); Anti-Streptolysin O (ASO); C-Reactive Protein (CRP); Rheumatoid Factor (RF);  Uric Acid  INFL1View Details
Inflammatory Group 1 with Westergren Sed Rate 
Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA); Anti-Streptolysin O (ASO); C-Reactive Protein (CRP); Rheumatoid Factor (RF);  Uric Acid; Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
YesINFLPView Details
Influenza A & BAlere™ i Influenza A & B; Flu Testing; Influenza A - B; Influenza A & B; Influenza A/B; Rapid Flu    FLU2View Details
Influenza A and B Virus Antibodies, IgG and IgMFlu A & B; Influenza Virus A IgG & IgM Antibodies Influenza A IgG Antibodies; Influenza A IgM Antibodies; Influenza B IgG Antibodies; Influenza B IgM Antibodies  MSOTView Details
Inhibin A     INHIAView Details
Inhibin B     INHBView Details
Insulin - Like Growth Factor IIGF-1; IGF-I, Electrochemiluminescence; Insulin Growth Factor; Somatomedin C    SOMA1View Details
Insulin Autoantibody     INSAView Details
Insulin Response to Glucose, 2 hourInsulin Response to Glucose, 2 hour - No Glucose; Insulin Tolerance Test - 2 hour 2 hour Insulin; Fasting Insulin  ITOL2View Details
Insulin Response to Glucose, 3 hour Insulin Response to Glucose, 3 hour - No Glucose; Insulin Tolerance Test - 3 hour 1 hour Insulin; 2 hour Insulin; 3 hour Insulin; Fasting Insulin  ITOL3View Details
Insulin Response to Glucose, 4 hour Insulin Response to Glucose, 4 hour - No Glucose; Insulin Tolerance Test - 4 hour 1 hour Insulin; 2 hour Insulin; 3 hour Insulin; 4 hour Insulin; Fasting Insulin  ITOL4View Details
Insulin Response to Glucose, 5 hour Insulin Response to Glucose, 5 hour - No Glucose; Insulin Tolerance Test - 5 hour 1 hour Insulin; 2 hour Insulin; 3 hour Insulin; 4 hour Insulin; 5 hour Insulin; Fasting Insulin  ITOL5View Details
Insulin, 2 hour2 hour Insulin; Insulin, 2hr  INS2View Details
Insulin, Fasting     INSFView Details
Insulin, Random     INSRView Details
Interferon gamma Interferon gamma by MAFD  MSOTView Details
Interleukin-1 BetaCytokine; IL-1 Beta  MSOTView Details
Interleukin-2 ReceptorCytokine; IL-2 Receptor; Interleukin-2 Receptor, EIA  MSOTView Details
Interleukin-6IL-6    INLE6View Details
Interleukin-6, Highly SensitiveCytokine; IIL-6 HS; IL 6; Interleukin-6, Highly Sensitive ELISA    MSOTView Details
Intrinsic Factor Blocking Antibody     INTFAView Details
IodineIodine Plasma; Iodine Serum; Iodine Serum / Plasma    IOSPView Details
IronFe   YesIRONView Details
Iron Deficiency PanelMicrocytic Anemia; Transferrin Saturation %
Ferritin; Iron (Fe); % Saturation; TIBC
YesIDPView Details
Iron ProfileIron Binding Capacity; Transferrin Saturation % Iron (Fe); % Saturation; TIBC; UIBC YesIRONPView Details
Islet Cell Autoantibodies Evaluation Islet Cell Antibody Screen with Reflex to Titer Islet Cell Autoantibodies CF; Islet Cell IgG Autoantibodies  ISLEView Details
Islet Cell IgG Cytoplasmic Autoantibodies    MSOTView Details
Isocyanate HDI IgE, AllergenAllergen, Isocyanate HDI IgE; K77   YesAG142View Details
Isocyanate MDI IgE, AllergenAllergen, Isocyanate MDI; K76   YesAG141View Details
Isocyanate TDI IgE, AllergenAllergen, Isocyanate TDI IgE ; K75   YesAG140View Details
Isohemagglutinin Titer   Isohemagglutinin Titer A1; Isohemagglutinin Titer A2; Isohemagglutinin Titer B  ISOHView Details
IsopropanylIsopropyl Alcohol Acetone; Isopropanol  MSOTView Details
ItraconazoleItraconazole, HPLC; Itraconazole, Hydroxyitraconazole Itraconazole; OH-Intraconazole  MSOTView Details
JAK2 V617F Cascading Reflex to CALR, JAK2 Exon 12, MPL, and CSF3REssential Thrombocythemia (ET); ET; MPN Cascading Reflex; Myeloproliferative neoplasm; PMF; Polycythemia Vera (PV); Primary Myelofibrosis (PMF); PV  JAKCRView Details
JAK2 V617F Mutation Analysis Essential Thrombocythemia (ET); ET; Myeloproliferative neoplasm; PMF; Polycythemia Vera (PV); Primary Myelofibrosis (PMF); PV  MSOTView Details
JAK2, Exon 12 Mutation Analysis Essential Thrombocythemia (ET); ET; Myeloproliferative neoplasm; PMF; Polycythemia Vera (PV); Primary Myelofibrosis (PMF); PV  MSOTView Details
JC Polyoma Virus DNA, QuantitativeJC Polyoma Virus (JCV) ; JC Polyoma Virus DNA, Quantitative, Real-Time PCR,; JC Virus, PCR (Polyoma) CSF; Polyoma  MSOTView Details
Jo-1 AutoantibodiesAnti Jo; Anti-Jo-1; Histidyl-transferase RNA synthetase; JO-1 IgG Autoantibodies    JOAB1View Details
Johnson Grass IgE, AllergenAllergen, Johnson Grass IgE; G10   YesAG13GView Details
Kappa / Lambda Light Chains, Free with Ratio, UrineImmunoglobulin Free Light Chains  MSOTView Details
Kappa / Lambda Light Chains, Total, with Calculation Immunoglobulin Free Light Chains  MSOTView Details
Kappa / Lambda, Free with RatioAmyloid FLCP; Free Light Chains, Kappa / Lambda; Light Chains, Free Kappa / Lambda; SFLCA Free Kappa; Free K/L Ratio; Free Lambda  KAPPView Details
Ketone, Urine     UKETView Details
KIT (c-KIT) Mutation AnalysisC-KIT Mutation Analysis  PSView Details
Kiwi IgE, AllergenAllergen, Kiwi Fruit IgE; Allergen, Kiwi IgE; Chinese Gooseberry; F84; Kiwifruit ; Monkey Peach; Sheep Peach   YesAG163View Details
Kleihauer-BetkeBetke-Kleihauer; KB; KBT    KBT1View Details
KRAS Exon 4 Mutation AnalysisKRAS Exon 4 Sequencing; KRAS Exon-4 Mutation Analysis  PSView Details
KRAS Mutation AnalysisKRAS Mutation Testing  PSView Details
LacosamideVimpat®  LACOView Details
Lactate / Pyruvate, FiltrateLactate/Pyruvate; Lactate/Pyruvate, Ratio Lactic Acid, Filtrate; Pyruvic Acid (Pyruvate) Blood  MSOTView Details
Lactate DehydrogenaseLD; LDH    LDView Details
Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzymes   LD Isoenzyme 1; LD Isoenzyme 2; LD Isoenzyme 3; LD Isoenzyme 4; LD Isoenzyme 5; Lactate Dehydrogenase Total
 MSOTView Details
Lactate Dehydrogenase, CSFLD, CSF  MSOTView Details
Lactate Dehydrogenase, FluidLD, Fluid    FLDView Details
Lactic AcidLactate    LAC1View Details
Lactic Acid, CSFLactate; Lactate CSF  MSOTView Details
Lactoferrin, Qualitative, Stool      LACTOView Details
Lactose Tolerance  

Glucose Fasting, Plasma; Glucose, 30 min.,Plasma; Glucose, 1 hr., Plasma; Glucose, 2 hr Plasma; Glucose, 3 hr. Plasma

 5MSOTView Details
LamotrigineLamictal; Lamotrigine, Blood    LAMOTView Details
Lamotrigine, UrineLamictal    LAMOUView Details
Latex IgEAllergen, Latex Enhanced IgE; Latex Allergen IgE; Latex Brazil rubber Allergy; Serum Latex   YesLATEXView Details
LDL, Direct MeasureDirect LDL; LDL-C   YesLDLView Details
Lead     LEADView Details
Lead & Zinc Exposure PanelLead Exposure / Zinc Protoporphryins; Lead Exposure Panel ; Lead, OSHA and Zinc Panel with Zinc Protoporphyrin; ZPP Lead Whole Blood OSHA; Zinc Protophorphyrin Industrial  LEZIView Details
Lead, 24-hour Urine     UL241View Details
Leflunomide MetaboliteLeflunomide Level  MSOTView Details
Legionella CultureCulture, Legionella    CXLEGView Details
Legionella DFA     LDFAView Details
Legionella pneumophila Antibody (IgG) Legionella AB IgG, IFA; Legionella pneumophila Antibody (IgG), IFA  LEGABView Details
Legionella Urinary Rapid AntigenLegionella Antigen Detection,Urine; Legionella Antigen, Urine; Urine for Legionella Antigen    ULEG1View Details
Lemon IgE, AllergenAllergen, Lemon IgE   YesAG204View Details
Leptin   MSOTView Details
Lettuce IgE, AllergenAllergen, Lettuce IgE; F215   YesAG67View Details
Leukotriene E4, UrineCysteinyl Leukotriene; Leukotriene E4, U; LTE4; Mast Cell Activation Syndrome; Mastocytosis; Systemic Mast Cell Activation  MSOTView Details
LevetiracetamKeppra; Levetiracetam (Keppra)    KEPPRView Details
LidocaineLidocaine, Trough; Xylocaine    LIDOCView Details
Lima Bean IgE, AllergenAllergen, Bean Lima IgE; Burma Bean; Butter Bean; Butterpea ; Civet Bean; F182; Guffin Bean; Haba Bean; Hibbert Bean; Madagascar Bean; Paiga; Paigya ; Pallar Bean; Prolific Bean; Rangoon Bean; Sieva Bean; Sugar Bean   YesAG175View Details
Limited Metabolic PanelChem 6; Chem 7; Chemistry Panel 6; LMP Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN); Creatinine; Electrolytes [Carbon Dioxide (CO2); Chloride (CL); Potassium (K); Sodium (Na)]  CHEM6View Details
Lipase     LIPView Details
Lipase, Fluid     FLIPView Details
Lipid ProfileFasting Lipid Profile (FLP); FLP Cholesterol; Cholesterol HDL; Cholesterol LDL (Calculated); Chol/HDL Ratio (Calculated); Triglycerides YesLIPIDView Details
Lipoprotein (a)Lp(a)    LIPPAView Details
Lipoprotein ElectrophoresisLPE Cholesterol; Electrophoresis; Interpretation; Triglyercide YesLIPEView Details
LithiumLi    LITHView Details
Liver ProfileHepatic Profile; LFT
A/G Ratio; Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT); Albumin;  Alkaline Phosphatase; Aspartate Transaminase (AST); Bilirubin Direct; Bilirubin Indirect: Bilirubin, Total; Globulin; Protein, Total
YesLIVERView Details
Liver-Kidney Microsome IgG Autoabs Liver-Kidney IgG; Liver-Kidney Microsome (LKM-1) IgG Autoabs; Liver-Kidney Microsome Antibodies; LKM-1    LKM1View Details
LMWH/UFH Anti-XaFactor X; Factor Xa; LMWH ; LMWH/UFH Anti Xa; Low Molecular Weight Heparin; UFH; Unfractionated Heparin    HEPXAView Details
Lobster IgE, AllergenAllergen, Lobster IgE; F80   YesAG68View Details
LorazepamAtivan    LORAZView Details
LSD Screen, UrineD-lysergic acid ; LSD-25; Lysergic Acid; Lysergic Acid Diethylamide; Lysergide    MSOTView Details
Lupus Anticoagulant Evaluation with Reflex   PTT-LA and dRVVT with Reflex Confirmations

If PTT-LA is >40 seconds, Hexagonal Phase Confirmation will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 85598).
If Hexagonal Phase Confirmation is positive or weakly positive, Thrombin Clotting Time will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 85670. If dRVVT is >45 seconds, dRVVT Confirmation will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 85597).
If dRVVT Confirmation is positive, a dRVVT 1:1 dilution will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 85613).
YesLUPAView Details
Lupus PanelComprehensive Lupus Panel; Extended ANA; SLE ANA with International Units and Pattern; Complement C3; Complement C4;DNA Antibody; Mitochondrial (M2) IgG Autoabs; Parietal Cell Total Autoantibodies; Rheumatoid Factor; Scl-70 IgG Autoantibodies; SM (Smith) IgG Autoantibodies; Smooth Muscle Total Autoantibodies; SS-A and SS-B IgG Autoantibodies; Striational Total Autoantibodies; Thyroid Peroxidase Autoantibodies; U1RNP/snRNP IgG Autoantibodies  LUPView Details
Luteinizing HormoneLH    LHView Details
Luteinizing HormoneInterstitial Cell-stimulating Hormone; LH Ultrasensitive; Luteinizing Hormone (LH)  MSOTView Details
Luteinizing Hormone, PediatricsLH, 3rd Generation; LH, Pediatrics; LH, Ultrasensitive ; Luteinizing Hormone, Pediatric  MSOTView Details
Lyme Disease Antibodies IgG & IgM, CSFB Burgdorferi CSF; Lyme Abs on CSF; Lyme Antibody IgG, IgM (CSF); Lyme Antibodys on CSF; Lyme CSF; Lyme Disease Antibodies (IgG, IgM), IBL (CSF)  MSOTView Details
Lyme Disease DNA, QualitativeLyme Disease (Borrelia spp) DNA, Qualitative, Real  MSOTView Details
Lyme Disease IgG & IgM, ConfirmationB. Burgdoeferi RI Ab; B. burgdorferi IgG and IgM; Borrelia Burgdorferi IgG and IgM; Lyme AB IgG, IgM; Lyme Confirmation; Lyme Disease Antibodies IgG & IgM by Western Blot; Lyme Disease Antibodies IgG & IgM, Confirmation; Lymes    LYMQView Details
Lyme Disease IgG & IgM, ScreenLyme Disease IgG & IgM by EIA; Lyme Disease IgG & IgM by Elisa; Lyme Elisa IgG, IgM; Lymes    LYMSView Details
Lymes DNA, CSFLyme Disease (Borrelia spp) DNA, Qual, Synovial Fl; Lyme Disease (Borrelia spp) DNA, Qualitative, CSF; Lymes DNA by PCR (CSF)    LYMDView Details
Lymphocyte proliferation to Mitogens and AntigensAnti-CD3 costimulation with anti-CD28; Anti-CD3 costimulation with IL-2; Assessment of T cell function; Lymphocyte Proliferation to Anti-CD3/Anti-CD28 and; Lymphocyte proliferation to Mitogens and Antigens ; Lymphocyte Proliferation, aCD3; Mitogenic stimulation with anti-CD3  MSOTView Details
Lymphocyte Subset Panel Flow Cytometry Lymph Subset; Lymph Subset; Lymphocyte Immuonphenotyping; Lymphocyte Subset with CBC; Lymphocyte Subset, T & B Cell; Lymphocyte Subset, T Cell & B Cell; Natural Killer Cells; NK Cells; T & B Cell Subset CD3; CD4; CD8; CD19; CD56; Helper/Suppressor Ratio; CBC [Hematocrit (Hct); Hemoglobin (Hgb); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Platelet (PLT);  Red Blood Cell Count (RBC); Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation (RDWSD);  Red Cell Distribution Width Coefficient Variation (RDWCV); White Blood Cell Count (WBC); WBC Differential]
 FLSUBView Details
Lymphogranuloma Venereum Antibodies PanelLGV; Lymphogranuloma Venereum Abs; MIF Titer Chlamydia pneumoniae IgA Antibodies; Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG Antibodies; Chlamydia pneumoniae IgM Antibodies; Chlamydia trachomatis IgA Antibodies; Chlamydia trachomatis IgG Antibodies; Chlamydia trachomatis IgM Antibodies  MSOTView Details
Lymphoma PanelFlow Cytometry Lymphoma CD2; CD3; CD4; CD5; CD7; CD8; CD10; CD19; CD20; CD23; CD38; CD45; CD56; FMC7; Surface Kappa; Surface;Lambda  FLYMPView Details
LysozymeMuramidase  MSOTView Details
Macadamia Nut IgE, AllergenAllergen, Macadamia Nut IgE; Australian Nut ; F345; Queensland Nut   YesAG185View Details
Mackerel IgE, AllergenAllergen, Mackerel IgE ; F206   YesAG115View Details
MagnesiumMg   YesMGView Details
Magnesium, 24-hour UrineMg, 24-hour Urine   YesUMG24View Details
Magnesium, RBCMg, RBC   YesMAGBRView Details
Magnesium, UrineMg, Urine   YesUMGRView Details
Malaria SmearBabesia Smear; Malaria - Blood Parasite; Malaria Smear ; Thick smear; Thick Smear – Malaria    MALA1View Details
Malt IgE, AllergenAllergen, Malt IgE; Barley Malt; F90   YesAG180View Details
Manganese   MSOTView Details
Manganese, Whole Blood     MANWBView Details
Mannose-binding LectinMannose Binding Lec; MBL   YesMBLView Details
Maple Leaf Sycamore IgE, AllergenAllergen, Maple Leaf Sycamore IgE ; American Sycamore; London Plane Tree; Maple Leaf Sycamore; T11   YesA102GView Details
MaprotilineLudiomil  MSOTView Details
Marfan Syndrome, Type 2 - TGFBR1 geneMarfan's TGBR1; Marfan's Tier 2  MSOTVie