ADAMTS13 Evaluation

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Specimen Requirements: 3 Aliquots (0.5 mL each) Plasma from a Blue Top Tube - 3.2% Na Citrate in a 3 Plastic Vials
Collection Instructions:

Sample Collection
The blood center prefers that the first tube drawn not be utilized to prepare samples for reference hemostasis testing. The venipuncture must not be traumatic or slow flowing; avoid leaving the tourniquet on for an extended time.

Allow evacuated tubes to fill by vacuum completely. 
Invert tubes gently at least four times to mix. Keep samples capped and process immediately. 
Specimens should be kept at 18-24 oC, centrifuged and plasma removed, and frozen within 4 hours from the time of specimen collection. 
Hemolyzed or clotted specimens are unacceptable.


To obtain a plasma sample, the capped specimen tube should be centrifuged at a speed and time required to consistently produce platelet-poor plasma with a platelet count <10 x 109/L(10,000/uL). This may be accomplished by centrifuging at 1,500 g for no less than 15 minutes at room temperature. If necessary, transfer plasma to a plastic tube and re-centrifuge to remove platelets. Removal of platelets before freezing is critical for the detection of lupus anticoagulants. Do not filter the plasma to remove platelets, as filtering removes high molecular weight von Willebrand factor.

 Using a plastic pipette, remove the top 2/3 of plasma, transfer to a labeled plastic tube and cap. Do not use glass tubes, as glass activates the hemostatic mechanism

  • Freeze plasma within 4 hours of specimen collection.
  • Minimum Volume: 2 Aliquots (0.4 mL each) Plasma
    Transport & Storage: Temperature/Stability:

    14 days Frozen

  • Specimens must remain frozen during storage and shipment.
  • Ship on dry ice with guaranteed overnight delivery
  • Reference Range: Refer to Interpretive Results
    Methodology: Multiple
    Clinical Significance: ADAMTS13 Evaluation is a reflexive testing algorithm. Activity is always performed. If activity result is <= 30%, the inhibitor assay (1297) will be performed. If inhibitor result is <= 0.7 Inhibitor Units, the antibody assay (1299) will be performed.
    Custom Panel: No


    Turn Around Time: Activity 1-3; Inhibitor 2-4; Antibody: 7 (days)
    Days Performed: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Sites Performed: Versiti (Blood Center of Winconsin)
    PHL Test Code: MSOT
    EPIC Test Code:
    Send Out Test Code: 1295
    Alternate Test Names: ADAMTS-13 ACT. & INHIB.; ADAMTS-13 Activity & Inhibitor; VWF Cleaving Protease
    CPT Coding: 85397, 85335 (if inhibitor is performed), 83520 (if antibody is performed)

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