Parkview Health Laboratories' (PHL) primary focus is on quality; quality in testing, quality in data handling and reporting. We make every effort to ensure consistent quality throughout PHL; high standards for personnel; the latest instruments and methods; in-services; continuing education; fully computerized data management; and highly thorough Quality Control Programs.

We adhere to ONE policy:

Parkview Health  Laboratories is committed to providing

the Right Results in
the Right Place at
the Right Time for
the Right Price. 

Local Laboratory
Maintain Jobs/Income in the Community
Lab Courier Services
Exclusive PHL Routings
Patient Service Centers
Easy Access at the 30 locations in Allen, Noble, Huntington, Whitley, Kosciusko, Wabash, Williams and Fulton counties of Indiana and Ohio
Client Response Center
24-Hour Report and Problem Solving
Billing Department
CPT Coding
Local and 3rd Party Billing
Lab Information Systems
Customized Requisitions
Online order entry system with retrieval of lab results
Progressive Interfaces
All eight hospitals offer standardized resulting for best patient care across the health system.
Microbiology (Cultures)
Local/Cultures set up hours before out of area labs have received specimens decreased TAT of culture results
Specimens Saved 3 days
Allows for add on testing
Nine Pathologists
Work with physician needs, addressing issues and concerns. Offers Consultations.
Regular Visits by Customer Service Team
Resolve small problems before they become major

 For More Information please contact: 

Kevin Schaefer
Outreach Manager
(260) 266-1507