Instructions for platelet-poor plasma:

Instructions for Platelet Poor Plasma

       1.Verify sample is acceptable: Not clotted, Not underfilled, Not overfilled, within stability requirements, Has HCT <55% (spun tube cell line volume must be less than half of blood volume.) Recollect if not acceptable. 

2.Process sample immediately. If patient on Heparin, must be spun within 1 hour of collection. Otherwise, within 4 hours. 

3.Centrifuge capped specimen (per designated speed and time of that centrifuge that has previously been validated by coag) for obtaining platelet-poor plasma. 

4.Wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and using a disposable transfer pipette, transfer 1 ml plasma (avoiding the buffy coat cell line) into a cloudy plastic polypropylene tube properly labeled. Cap tube. 

5.Repeat centrifugation to assure complete platelet removal.

If stability will be compromised by time frames given continue here

  1. Dispense into a second same labeled plastic polypropylene tube, avoiding pipetting near bottom of tube where platelets lie. *Noting on the Tube - Frozen Blue Top Plasma
  2. Cap and wrap in parafilm (if available)
  3. Freeze Immediately in <-20°C
  4. If sample cannot become frozen prior to transport, transport ambient to 4 hours
  5. If sample can not arrive within 4 hrs., do NOT transport. Must be frozen solid for at least 1 hr prior to transport.
  6. Specimen must remain frozen at all times. 
  7. Specimens will be rejected if arrives at testing site thawed. 
  8. Retain original tube for 24 hrs., in case testing facility requests original tube to be sent