Mucopolysaccharides (MPS) Screen, Urine

Last Modified: 10/28/2019 3:03:40 PM

Specimen Requirements: 10.0 mL Urine in a Yellow Capped Tube or Plastic Container (No preservatives)
Collection Instructions: First morning urine preferred

Immediately freeze specimen
Minimum Volume: 10.0 mL Urine
Transport & Storage: Temperature/Stability: 21 days Frozen
Reference Range:

MPS, Quantitative
0-4 months: < or =53.0 mg/mmol creatinine 
5-18 months: < or =31.0 mg/mmol creatinine
19 months-2 years: < or =24.0 mg/mmol creatinine  
3-5 years: < or =16.0 mg/mmol creatinine
6-10 years: < or =12.0 mg/mmol creatinine
11-14 years: < or =10.0 mg/mmol creatinine
>14 years: < or =6.5 mg/mmol creatinine


MPS, Qualitative An interpretive report will be provided

Methodology: LC-MS/MS & SP
Clinical Significance: Preferred screening test for mucopolysaccharidoses
Custom Panel: No


Turn Around Time: 10 to 18 days
Days Performed: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Sites Performed: Mayo Laboratory
PHL Test Code: MSOT
EPIC Test Code:
Send Out Test Code: MPSSC
Alternate Test Names: Arylsulfatase B Deficiency; Berry Spot; Beta-Galactosidase Deficiency; Beta-Glucoronidase Deficiency; Chondroitin Sulfate; Dermatan Sulfate; GAGS; Galactose-6-Sulfatase Deficiency; Glycosaminoglycans; Heparan Sulfate; Hunter Syndrome; Hurler Syndrome; Hurler/Scheie Syndrome; Iduronate Sulfatase Deficiency; Keratan Sulfate; Lysosomal Storage Disease; Maroteaux Lamy Syndrome; Morquio A; Morquio B; MPS I; MPS II; MPS III; MPS IVA; MPS IVB; MPS VI; MPS VII; Mucopolysaccharides; Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency; Sanfilippo Syndrome
CPT Coding: 83864, 82542

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