Cystine, 24-hour Urine

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Specimen Requirements: 1.8 mL aliquot from a well mixed 24 hour Urine Collection in a Plastic Container
Collection Instructions: Patient Age must be included on the order

Do not add perservatives

Do not Thaw

1. When starting the 24-hour period, urinate and discard (throw-away) this specimen. NOTE THE TIME
2. From that time on, collect all urine by urinating into a clean container and transfer into the provided container.
3. Try to pass the last urine just prior to the end of the 24 hour period. Add this urine into the container.
4. Urine Specimen should be kept refrigerated during and after collection. 

For patient collection instruction sheet see Addendum D
For Spanish patient collection instruction sheet see Addendum D
For Burmese patient collection instruction sheet see Addendum D
For Arabic patient collection instruction sheet see Addendum D
Minimum Volume: 0.6 mL Urine
Transport & Storage: Temperature/Stability: 60 days Frozen
Rejection Criteria: pH <20.; IVP within 48 hours of collection
Reference Range:
0-9 years: 6-48 umol/24 hrs
10-13 years: 10-94 umol/24 hrs
14-17 years: 17-102 umol/24 hrs
Adults: 24-184 umol/24 hrs
To convert from umol/24hrs to mg/24hrs use the following conversion factor:
umol/24hrs x 0.24 = mg/24hrs
Methodology: Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
Clinical Significance: Cystinuria is an autosomal recessive disease in which dibasic amino acids, including cystine, are excreted in excess. Cystine kidney stones account for approximately 1-3% of all kidney stones. Age of onset is often younger than with other types of kidney stones and the recurrence is approximately one-third
Custom Panel: No


Turn Around Time: 5 to 11 days
Days Performed: Tuesday, Thursday
Sites Performed: Quest - Chantilly to San Juan Capistrano
PHL Test Code: MSOT
EPIC Test Code:
Send Out Test Code: 6016
CPT Coding: 82131

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