Cortisol, Saliva (Single Collection)

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Medical Necessity Documentation:  
Client Notes:

Contact Client Response at 266-1500 Option 1 to request special collection kit

Patient Preparation:

1. Do not eat, drink, smoke, or use oral hygiene products for at least 30 minutes, then rinse the mouth with water and discard. Please wait at least 5 minutes after this rinse to start the collection procedure.
2. Saliva should be collected at the time(s) prescribed by your doctor.
3. No food or fluids for 30 minutes prior to collection.
4. Do not use any creams, lotions, or steroid inhalers immediately prior to collection.
5. Avoid any activity that can cause your gums to bleed, including brushing and flossing your teeth. Consult with your doctor if this is a chronic problem.


Specimen Requirements: 0.5 mL saliva collected in a Super SAL™ Universal Saliva Collection Kit
Collection Instructions:

a. Saliva collection should be done at the earliest 60 min after brushing teeth, a meal (liquid/solid food intake) or oral intake of medication and 10 min after rinsing the mouth with water in order to avoid contamination of the saliva by interfering substances.

b. Remove the swab from the Salivette®.

c. Place the swab in the mouth, e.g. in your cheek, where it should remain for 2 min without chewing. If an extremely small amount of saliva is produced, leave the swab in the mouth for longer.

d. Return the swab with the absorbed saliva to the Salivette®.

e. Replace the stopper.

f. Refrigerate the Salivette® immediately.

Minimum Volume: 0.2 mL saliva
Transport & Storage: Temperature/Stability: 3 days Ambient 
21 days Refrigerated - Transport
6 months Frozen
Rejection Criteria: Hemolysis • Any tube other than Super SAL™ Universal Saliva Collection Kit • white-top Salivette collection kit
Reference Range:
8-10 AM 0.04-0.56 mcg/dL
noon-2 PM ≤0.21 mcg/dL
4-6 PM ≤0.15 mcg/dL
10 PM-1 AM ≤0.09 mcg/dL
Critical Ranges:  
Test Comments:  
Methodology: Chromatography / Mass Spectormetry
Clinical Significance:  
Documentation: If a single collection is desired, please use test code CORSA. CORSB and CORSC should be ordered together. 
Custom Panel: No


Turn Around Time: 2 to 6 days
Days Performed: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Sites Performed: Quest - Chantilly to San Juan Capistrano
PHL Test Code: CORSA
EPIC Test Code: LAB3060
Send Out Test Code: 19897
Alternate Test Names: Cortisol, Salivary
Included Tests:  
CPT Coding: 82530

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