Histoplasma Antigen Quantitative, Urine

Last Modified: 3/27/2019 3:43:46 PM

Medical Necessity Documentation:  
Client Notes:  
Patient Preparation:  
Specimen Requirements: 2.0 mL Urine in a STERILE Plastic Container
Collection Instructions:  
Minimum Volume: 0.5 mL Urine
Transport & Storage: Temperature/Stability: 2 days Ambient
2 weeks Refrigerated
Indefinite Frozen
Reference Range:

Non Detected

Critical Ranges:  
Test Comments: Results above the assay cutoff but below the lowest calibrator are reported as Positive, < 0.6 ng/mL

None Detected: Negative, Antigen not detected

< 0.6 - 3.9 ng/mL : Low Positive, Results reported as < 0.6 ng/ml are positive, but below the lowest calibrator and cannot be quantified

4.0 - 19.9 ng/mL: Moderate Positive, Quantitation is most accurate in this area of the calibration curve

20.0 - >39 ng/mL: High Positive, Results >39 ng/mL are above the highest calibrator and cannot be quantified. Suggest monitoring antigenemia if antigenuria >39 ng/mL
Methodology: EIA
Clinical Significance:  
Custom Panel: No


Other Testing Facility: Mira Vista
PHL Test Code: UHIS2
EPIC Test Code: LAB400
Send Out Test Code: 310
Included Tests:  
CPT Coding: 87385

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