Extractable Nuclear Antigen Antibodies

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Medical Necessity Documentation:  
Client Notes:  
Patient Preparation:  
Specimen Requirements:

1.0 mL Serum in a SST Gold Top Tube

Collection Instructions:  
Minimum Volume: 0.5 mL
Transport & Storage: Temperature/Stability: 8 hrs Ambient 
2 days Refrigerated
28 days Frozen

Do not transport Frozen.

Specimen to be transported Refrigerated to PRMC within 48 hours of collection to be frozen by Immunology department to maintain specimen integrity until testing occurs.
Reference Range: Smith Antibody
< 1.0 AI Negative
Smith/Ribonucleoprotein Antibody
< 1.0 AI Negative
Critical Ranges:  
Test Comments:  
Methodology: Enzyme Immunoassay
Clinical Significance: Antibodies to Sm are highly specific for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and, when present, are considered a marker antibody. However, these antibodies are found in only 20% of patients with SLE. RNP antibodies (also known as anti-u1 or ribonucleoprotein antibodies) are found in 45% of SLE patient, but are also observed in numerous other disease states such as Sjogren's syndrome, scleroderma, and polymyositis. Elevated levels of antibodies to RNP are seen in mixed connective tissue
disease. In SLE, RNP antibodies have been associated with a relatively benign disease course with lower incidence of renal and central nervous system involvement. Patients may be considered positive for RNP antibodies when the RNP antibody result is significantly higher than the Sm antibody result.
Custom Panel: No


Turn Around Time: 7 days
Days Performed: Friday
Sites Performed: Parkview Regional Medical Center
PHL Test Code: ENAA1
EPIC Test Code: IMO421
Alternate Test Names: Anti ENA(SM/RNP)Antibodies; Anti-ENA; Anti-RNP; Anti-SM; ENA Antibodies; SM and SM/RNP Antibodies; Smith (SM) / Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) Antibody
Included Tests: Sm (Smith) IgG Autoantibodies; RNP Antibodies
CPT Coding: 86235 x 2

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