Herpes simplex / Varicella-zoster Virus Culture / Dif

Last Modified: 10/2/2017 4:05:13 PM

Specimen Requirements: 3.0 mL Skin lesion in 3 mL VCM Viral Transport Medium
Collection Instructions: This test is for swabs from lesions from skin and oral (includes lips, mouth, gums, palette, and throat) sources only.

Source of specimen must be on the Order
Minimum Volume: 1.0 mL Tissue
Transport & Storage: Temperature/Stability: 72 hour Refrigerated
30 days Frozen -70°
Reference Range: Not isolated
Methodology: Direct Immunofluorescence Assay‚ÄĘCulture
Custom Panel: No


Turn Around Time: 5 to 7 days
Days Performed: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Sites Performed: Quest - Chantilly
PHL Test Code: MSOT
EPIC Test Code:
Send Out Test Code: 314
CPT Coding: 87254 x 2, 87290, 87299

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