Chlamydia and Chlamydophilia Antibody Panel 2, IgM

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Medical Necessity Documentation:  
Client Notes:  
Patient Preparation:  
Specimen Requirements: 1.0 mL Serum from a Red Top Tube in a Plastic Vial
Collection Instructions: Collect blood using aseptic technique
Minimum Volume: 0.1 mL
Transport & Storage: Temperature/Stability:

7 days Ambient
14 days Refrigerated (Preferred)
30 days Frozen

Rejection Criteria: gross hemolysis; grossly lipemic; grossly icteric
Reference Range:

C. trachomatis IgM: < 1:10
C. pneumoniae IgM: < 1:10
C. psittaci IgM: < 1:10

Critical Ranges:  
Test Comments: The immunofluorescent detection of specific antibodies to Chlamydia trachomatis, Chlamydophila pneumoniae, and C. psittaci may be complicated by cross-reactive antibodies, nonspecific antibody stimulation, or past exposure to more than one of these organisms. IgM titers of 1:10 or greater are indicative of recent infection; however, IgM antibody is very cross-reactive, often demonstrating titers to multiple organisms.
Methodology: Immunofluorescence Assay
Clinical Significance:  
Custom Panel: No


Turn Around Time: 1 to 3 days
Days Performed: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Sites Performed: Quest - Chantilly
PHL Test Code: CHIGM
EPIC Test Code: IMO217
Send Out Test Code: 37126X [143292]
Alternate Test Names: Chlamydia Species ABS, IgM; Chlamydia/Chlamydophila Antibody Panel IgM
Included Tests: C trachomatis IgM; C pneumoniae IgM; C psittaci IgM
CPT Coding: 86632 x 3

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