Legionella pneumophila Antibody (IgG)

Last Modified: 1/23/2019 11:18:52 AM

Specimen Requirements:

1.0 mL Serum from a Red Top Tube in a Plastic Vial

Minimum Volume: 0.2 mL Serum
Transport & Storage: Temperature/Stability: 7 days Ambient (Transport)
14 days Refrigerated
30 days Frozen
Reference Range: <1:64 titer
Methodology: Immunofluorescence Assay (IFA)
Clinical Significance: Legionella infection is associated with 2 clinically and epidemiologically distinct illnesses. Legionnaires disease and Pontiac fever. Legionnaires disease is characterized by fever, cough, myalgia, and pneumonia, whereas, Pontiac fever is a milder illness without pneumonia. Inhaling aerosols of water contaminated with Legionella species is believed to be the primary mode of infection; the incubation period is generally 2-10 days. A 4-fold rise in IgG IFA Antibody titer to >1:128 between acute and convalescent sera may be used in the laboratory confirmation of Legionella infection.
Custom Panel: No


Days Performed: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Sites Performed: Quest Diagnostic Infectious Disease
PHL Test Code: LEGAB
EPIC Test Code: LAB3089
Send Out Test Code: 36580
Alternate Test Names: Legionella AB IgG, IFA; Legionella pneumophila Antibody (IgG), IFA
CPT Coding: 86713

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