Antiphospholipid Syndrome EvaluatR

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Medical Necessity Documentation:  
Client Notes:  
Patient Preparation:  
Specimen Requirements:

1.0 mL Serum in a SST Gold Top Tube
2.0 mL Plasma from two (2) Blue Top Tubes 3.2% Sodium Citrate in Plastic Vials

Collection Instructions: 1. First, Draw a plain red top tube to remove tissue fluid contamination. 
2. Draw blood into a buffered citrate collection tube (light blue top) filled to proper level. Do not overfill.
3. The blood-to-anticoagulant ratio should be 9:1; inadequate filling of the collection device will decrease this ratio and
may lead to inaccurate results.
4. Invert gently 6 times to mix. Process immediately.
5. Centrifuge for 15 min at 2500 x g.
6. Remove plasma using a plastic pipette to transfer into a Plastic Vial.
7. Repeat centrifugation at 2500 x g for 15 minutes to assure complete platelet removal.
8. Dispense the plasma into 2 or more plastic tubes using a plastic transfer pipette. Label tubes appropriately. 
9. Freeze immediately
10. Specimen must remain frozen at all times. 
Transport & Storage: Temperature/Stability: Serum 
14 days Refrigerated

14 days Frozen
Rejection Criteria: Hemolysis; presence of microclots; specimens with hematocrit >55% is collected without anticoagulant adjustment.
Reference Range:
See Separate Report
Critical Ranges:  
Test Comments:  
Methodology: Multiple
Clinical Significance: Antiphospholipid antibodies are found in a wide range of conditions, either transiently as in some infectious diseases, or more persistently in autoimmune diseases such as SLE. Antiphospholipid antibodies are associated with fetal loss, endocarditis, stroke, heart attack and autoimmune hemolytic anemia.
Custom Panel: No


Turn Around Time: 6 to 10 days
Days Performed: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Sites Performed: Parkview Regional Medical Center, Quest - Chantilly
PHL Test Code: APEVG
EPIC Test Code: LAB2571
Send Out Test Code: 33693
Alternate Test Names: Anti-Phospholipid Eval; APS Evaluation; Habitual Aborter Panel
Included Tests:
Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgA Autoantibodies; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgG Autoantibodies; Beta-2-Glycoprotein I IgM Autoantibodies; Cardiolipin IgA Autoantibodies; Cardiolipin IgG Autoantibodies; Cardiolipin IgM Autoantibodies; dRVVT Screen with Reflex to dRVVT Confirm & dRVVT 1:1 Mix; Phosphatidylserine IgG Autoantibodies; Phosphatidylserine IgM Autoantibodies; 
CPT Coding: 85613, 86146 x 3, 86147 x 3, 86148 x 2

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